Which Answer for Which question? Secret for the Success in the Interview

The Personal Interview is one of the Normal Process. If a Person properly answers the questions asked in the Interview, Job is confirmed to that Person.

But most of them do not know which answer should be told to the particular question. You are calculated only based on the answers from you. Your qualification and the other things are given less important.

This essay gives the Instruction about how to answer the important questions asked in the Interview

Why did you like this Job?

This is one of the important questions. This question was asked to test you whether you are really interested in this Job or you are just telling for getting the Job. You should make them realize that you are suitable for this job by giving the Correct the Answer.

You should explain to the concerned person that your Skills and qualifications are suitable for that Particular job. You should also explain to them that you are willing to do this Job. So, In relation to this before going to the Interview, you should collect some information about the particular Company and also about the Job which are going to Apply.

What are your Goals?

You can explain about your Short term and Long Term Goals. You can tell them that your Long term goal will be growing yourself by working with this company and developing the leader ship Skills. You can tell them that Your Short term goal will be working with full potential.

What is your Strength and Weakness?

You should talk less about your weakness and more about your Strength. You should talk about your Management Skills, Experiences and Skills.

You should tell your Answers with the real time examples. At the Same time you should not act that you do not have any weakness. No one will accept this. When you are explaining about your weakness, you should tell in the way that these things are to be developed.

Tell about Yourself?

This is one of the Simple questions asked in all the Interviews. You should mention shortly about your Family, Your Hobbies, Your Achievements, Your Experiences and your skills.

While talking you Should Speak with Confidence and you should also express your Interest in the Job.



What are the Achievements you had done?

You should avoid mentioning your Personal Achievements and you should mention the achievements you had made in the Job.

Why should we provide this Job to you?

First you should talk about your Skills and the work Experience. Followed by this you Should Increase there Interest towards you by answering them that “I had got the Necessary Skills and Experience needed for this Job. I will use my Skills and Experience for the development of this Company”.

What will be your Position after 5 years?

You should practically answer this question. You should talk about Your Goal, Job responsibilities and your achievements and about your future based on these achievements.

What is your Salary Expectation?

If the Company itself informs about your Salary, it will be good to you. You can tell about your previous salary. You can also tell about your Skills and the expected Salary.

It is better to avoid negotiating about the Salary initially. Salary will not be a constraint if the Company likes you.

What do you Think about Our Company?

This is one of the important questions. You should clearly answer this question. Before going to the interview you should collect the information that when the Company is started? To whom it belongs to? What are all its operations? You need to know the information about there customers and also the information about the Product or Project of that company. You can get all these information either from that company website or from other resources.

Do you want to ask anything from us?

This question was asked at the end of the Interview. At that time you can ask about the Team which you are going to work. Your Interest on the Job will be calculated from this answer.

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