Whether the Job Opportunity will knock your door?

More than 70 Percentage of the Educational Institutions are located outside the City. Most of the Companies which provide Job Opportunities to the Youngsters are located inside the City. This gap creates a Difference in the Job opportunities in the Urban and the Rural Areas.

Difference in Opportunities

In order to reduce the burden, Most of the Companies are interested in conducting the campus interviews in the colleges that are present inside the city.

The Students who are living in the Metro cities are having a little knowledge about the expectation from the Companies.  This provides them the better opportunities.

The Companies are telling that “we are not able to get the skilled persons from the rural areas.” So because of this they are not conducting the campus interviews in the Rural Areas. This Situation has to be changed and it is necessary to provide the Job opportunities to all.

Awareness is needed

The Companies are conducting different type of tests like Aptitude, drawing, design and Technical test. The Student, who are in the Urban and rural areas, should know what the Companies are expecting from them.

The Students are having the knowledge only about the reputed companies. There are many Small Companies which are providing lot of Job opportunities. Most of the Students do not know about these Companies. They do not want to know about these Companies. This was applicable not only for the IT companies it was applicable to all the Companies. It is important to know about the Companies that are providing suitable job to them according to there education.

For example Many Companies are calling the woman graduates who had completed the  mechanical engineering to perform  the designing job in there concern. Only Few Woman had completed the mechanical Engineering. But the woman graduates are telling” why you had not informed us earlier just now we had joined as a lecturer in the College”.

Many People are going for the Job that is not suitable for them only because of not having the Proper awareness about the Companies.

Experience from the Interview

Most of the People are attending the Interview without Proper preparation. One should know the complete information about the Company in which they are attending the Interview, they should also know about the expectation from the Company. If they prepare well and attend the Interview, there Life will be changed.

It has been founded that only 15 Percent of the graduates are having the Necessary Skills required for the Job. But from my Experience I had founded that 35% of the Students are having the Skills that are needed for the Job. The main reason for this is the experience they had got from the previous interviews.  When the Students attend one or more Interviews, they will easily come to know what the Companies are expecting from them.

Communication Skills

It was commonly accepted that the Students who are in the rural areas do not have the Proper communication skills. But those students will have more Technical knowledge. The good Communication skills are expected mostly in the IT Companies. But, the Communication Skills and the technical Skills both are needed in the IT Companies.

One of the important problems is that the College syllabus consists of only the basic skills like C, C++ and java. But the IT Companies Products are based on Dot.Net, PHP, and C #. Only the basic skills will not help to get a better job. So in order to get a better job one should learn some additional skills apart from the basic skills.

Prepare yourself according to the Expectation from the Companies that are related to your Field. This will get you a better Job.

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