Whether Abroad Education along with Part time Job is Possible?

Many of them will become happy when they are going to Study Abroad. The interest in studying Abroad, Abroad experience, Best Environment, Quality education, International Opportunities are some of the reasons for the happiness.

At the same time, there was a hesitation is also there on the other side. The Main reason for that are the various expenses incurred in studying abroad.  The Part time work will be helpful to manage some of the expenses to study abroad.

Part time

Many of the countries are allowing the Students to work part time, while studying. In America, the International Students are allowed to work for 20 hours. These working hours will also be same for some of other countries.

In Canada, the students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours during the college days and up to 40 hours during the holidays.  There was no any big difference in Australia and European countries, there was a difference exists in the holidays.

Where they can work?

The part time work for the students can be divided in to two types one is on Campus and the other is the off campus.

Inside the Campus the Students are allowed to work in the Library, Lab, canteen and in the Admission office. Outside the Campus the Students are allowed to work in the restaurants, Stores and also in the Petrol bunks.  The Students who are studying the post graduate degree can get the opportunity to work as the assistant for the Professors inside the college Campus.

How much Salary they can get?

In America, Minimum 8.25 Dollars are paid per hour. If they work for 20 hour/week with minimum pay, they can get up to 660 Dollars. So, you need to understand you are not able to cover all the expenses needed for the education in Abroad.

It is not possible to study abroad by depending only on the Part time Job. Because,  the fees will be high for Studying in Abroad. So, the part time work will be helpful for paying the living expense, Food and the other expenses.

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