what companies expect from engineering/other degree freshers – interview tips

Positive Energy

All the Companies will expect the Best “Attitude” in the interviews Conducted by them.They will test the candidate that how far the candidate will be positive .They will test the candidate by asking some questions .For example they can ask  the question that whether the candidate is ready to work in Outstations?.Some times the Companies needs the Person to Work outside Chennai , they may need the Employees to Work in Bangalore at that time when the Candidate say that They will work only in Chennai the Candidate is loosing the opportunity of getting the Job .When the Company ask to the Same Candidate that whether he or she is ready to Work Internationally they will tell Ok.This was defined as “Globally flexible, locally immobile.

Standing Ability

There is an Expectation from the Companies that how long a candidate will stay in there Companies.In the Past most of the People will Work in the same Companies for a long time. They will Work in the Same Company until they get retired.This situation not only exists in Government Sectors it was also exists in the Private sectors.According to the survey taken before 10 years it was mentioned that the Person will Work in the Same Company for more than 5 to 8 years.

From the Recent Survey a Person staying in a single Company for more than 2 to 3 years had become difficult.So when a Person can Work for there companies for a Very Short Period of time the Companies will think to Employ that Person for there Companies.

We can feel the Difference between the 20-20 cricket match and the Test Match.The Companies will select the Persons who can Work for a Long time Like the Test Match.

Problem Solving Skills

The Companies are Expecting the best ‘Problem Solving Skills’, ‘Logical and Analytical thinking’ from the Students.The Students can be from any Engineering disciplines i.e they may be from civil, Mechanical,EEE,ECE the Companies are Expecting the above mentioned two qualities from the Students.A situtationwas given to the candidate during there Interview and the Companies are looking whether the candidate is able to solve the Situation in a Proper Manner.So in order to develop these skills the Schools and Colleges should give Training to the Students and also the Students Should continuously Practice to get these Skills.

 Field related  Knowledge

The Companies are Testing the Subject Knowledge of the Candidates.They are Testing whether the Candidates are having the indepth knowledge in the Subjects which they are studying in there Colleges.It was easy only in School education to get the First mark by mugging up all the subjects but when Considered to College it was not Possible.Eventhough when they clear the subjects by doing this it was difficult to get through the Interview. Because in interview the questions are not asked from the book.The Candidates will get the job based on there Practical knowledge.

Whether they can Work in a Team?

Only some Colleges are giving training to there Students to Work in a Team.There are some Colleges are Still exists that the male students should not talk to the Female Students.But in Companies it is Compulsory that both genders should work in a Team.When u Succeeded as a single Person and When your Team Fails you will not get the benefits from the Companies.So the Companies will test whether the Candidate is able to Work in a Team and also they will test that whether the Candidate is able to get merge with all the Persons in the Companies.The Companies are very much Strict in checking these abilities.

Continuous Learning

For example When a Doctor currently uses the Technology to make the Treatment Which was used before 20 years he will be rejected.So Continuous Learning and Latest Technology Knowledge is needed in  all fields.All these will be tested in the Interviews Conducted by the Companies.

Communication Skill

The Indian Students are still facing the Problem of “Communication Skills”.Even though you have all the Skills you Mainly need the Good Communication Skills to represent your knowledge to other People.

English Plays a Major role in Communications.

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