UPSC may postpone civil service main exam date to march 2015

When is the Civil Service Main Exam?

The Parliament Standing Committee had requested the UPSC to conduct the UPSC main exam in the March month of 2015 instead of conducting the exam in December 2014.

Every year The Central Employment authority UPSC conducts the Civil Service exams Like IPS, IAS. These exams were conducted in three stages i.e. Preliminary exam, Main exam and the Personal Interview. The Parliament Standing committee for Law, Justice, civil servant and the Public grievance  had conducted a meeting recently in Delhi.

Once after the Setup of the Committee, this was the first meeting. The Discussions that was made during the meeting was explained by the committee Head Sudershan Nachiapan. He had said that Most of the MP’s who had participated in the meeting had Made a question that “How it will be Possible to Write the Main exam In December after Completing the Preliminary Exam in the August?”. There was a truth is there in this question.

The UPSC had announced like this because they may may want to complete all these Work Within a Year. This will give a High Pressure to the examiners because just now only the Preliminary exams had been completed.

So the best Solution for this Problem will be instead of conducting the Civil Service Main exam in the December the UPSC can conduct the Main exam in the march of next year. This Change should be carried out only for this Year. The Sudershan had said that a Recommendation on this was said to UPSC on behalf of the Standing Committee.

So possibilities are available for postponing the civil service main exam to 2015, if it happens upsc civil service exam aspirants will get more day for preparing for the final written test, because after they have to attend personal interview.

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