UGC scholarship amount for students is increased

University grants commission of india is working under the central government which distributes approval for institutes and it gives funds to institutes which are approved by it. It gives fellowships and scholarships for students who are enrolled in research activities and other students.

All the operations of the UGC are planned from the headquarter which is located at new delhi, It inspects universities and institutes which are under its approval to confirm that each are giving quality education for students.

The Central government had increased the Scholarship value for the Higher education

In Order to motivate the research Operations, the UGC had increased the basic value of the Scholarships.

In Accordance to this, the scholarship which was given under the JRF i.e. Junior Research Fellowship was increased from 16 thousand to 25 thousand.

Same like this the scholarship which was given under the SRF i.e. Senior Research Fellowship was increased from 18 thousand to 28 thousand.

The central human resource minister smrithi had informed that “The scholarship value which was increased in the basic science departments like JRF and SRF will be equal to the Scholarship given in the science and information technology department”.

The Scholarship given in the Anthropology and the social science department will be increased up to 55%.

The research that was conducted in the Social Science department i.e. Swami Vivekananda single women child fellow ship will be increased from Rs.8000 to Rs.12, 400 for the first year and it will be from Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15, 500 for the next 2 years.

Apart from this the scholarship given to the students selected in the GATE Exam will be increased from Rs.8000 to Rs. 12,400.

Aspirants those who are interested in knowing more about it can visit the UGC website where all the details are displayed for students.

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