tamilnadu diploma tndte.com time table for october 2015, tndte exam dates

TNDTE time table 2015:

For students who are looking for the tamilnadu polytechnic 2015 october time table relevant datas  are available here along with the schedules. Tndte October 2014 time tables are expected soon at tndte.com.


Stay connected with us for the tndte timetable of october 2015, diploma exam dates can be downloaded as a pdf file on tndte.com and the direct link for this is also available here after it is published. On tndte.com exam schedules will be uploaded at notification section with a new symbol.


 tndte Time table will be Announced soon!click Here
Click here for tamilnadu diploma exam time table for october 2015


now we are able to provide tndte october 2015 exam starting dates which are 21/03/2015 is the date of commencement of practical exams and 07/04/2015 is the date of commencement of theory exams.

Next important date for tndte students is attendance closing date which will be before practicals, after this date theory classes will come to end for the students.

Tndte is a important educational board in tamilnadu, lakhs of students are choosing diploma courses every year. There are at present 464 Polytechnics collages. The competitors who complete the Xth Standard are qualified for affirmation for Polytechnic Colleges and 12th Standard eligible for the direct second year admission. Prior to the induction methodology is begun, the obliged capabilities, for example, Age, Marks obliged, and Number of Seats in the different classifications and so forth are distributed in the heading dailies with the goal that learners can choose their decision of polytechnic, course and so on. well ahead of time.


Some Government and Government Aided Polytechnics offer Post Diploma courses in different limbs of Engineering. Competitors who have Diploma can seek Post Diploma courses in individual/ joined limbs. There is no age limit for requesting induction to the above system.

HSC/ 10 th with 2 years ITI understudies can straightforwardly join the second year of the three year Diploma program under Lateral Entry System in all Polytechnics. Their admission is limited to 20% of the endorsed admission of the First year Diploma courses.

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    I am waiting for Diploma Exam time table for OCT-2014

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  56. First year 2sem exam timetable pls…..

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    3rd year (civil)Exam time table yapa varum. Vantha 9751405998 intha no ku sm send panuga

  59. awsm vikkiee says:

    all mechanical subjects including 1st year exam subjects ..! be careful frnds ..! we gonna rockzzzz! ..‪#‎thalapathi_fan_da‬
    (Question Papers will be in the Current Scheme Only)
    1 1020 L 1 1 COMMUNICATION ENGLISH – I 11-Nov-2014 9.30 am Tuesday
    2 2 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS – I 03-Nov-2014 9.30 am Monday
    3 3 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS – II 05-Nov-2014 9.30 am Wednesday
    4 4 ENGINEERING PHYSICS – I 07-Nov-2014 9.30 am Friday
    5 5 ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY – I 10-Nov-2014 9.30 am Monday
    6 6 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS – I 31-Oct-2014 9.30 am Friday
    7 2 1 COMMUNICATION ENGLISH – II 11-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Tuesday
    8 2 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS – III 01-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Saturday
    9 3 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS – IV 05-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Wednesday
    10 4 ENGINEERING PHYSICS – II 06-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Thursday
    11 5 ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY – II 10-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Monday
    12 6 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS – II 30-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Thursday
    13 3 1 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS 24-Oct-2014 9.30 am Friday
    14 2 FLUID MECHANICS AND FLUID POWER 27-Oct-2014 9.30 am Monday
    15 3 RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES 29-Oct-2014 9.30 am Wednesday
    16 4 MACHINE DRAWING 01-Nov-2014 9.30 am Saturday
    17 4 1 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY – I 29-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Wednesday
    18 2 THERMAL ENGINEERING – I 03-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Monday
    19 3 ELECTRICAL DRIVES AND CONTROL 07-Nov-2014 2.15 pm Friday
    20 5 1 THERMAL ENGINEERING – II 25-Oct-2014 9.30 am Saturday
    21 2 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY – II 28-Oct-2014 9.30 am Tuesday
    22 3 MODERN MACHINING PROCESSES 30-Oct-2014 9.30 am Thursday
    23 POWER PLANT ENGINEERING 30-Oct-2014 9.30 am Thursday
    24 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 30-Oct-2014 9.30 am Thursday
    25 4 DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS 06-Nov-2014 9.30 am Thursday
    26 6 1 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT 24-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Friday
    27 2 COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING 25-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Saturday
    28 3 PROTO TYPING IN PRODUCTION DESIGN 27-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Monday
    29 AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING 27-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Monday
    30 ROBOTICS 27-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Monday
    31 REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING 28-Oct-2014 2.15 pm Tuesday

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    pls give the laboratory exam date for october 2014(field -EEE dipolma)

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    3 Weeks are completed so when you going to publish time table of April 2015

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    i am diploma mechanical engineer. last year question papers please v sem thermal engineering question paper

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