TNDGE decided to Remove more than 1000 Teacher Positions

Since there is a lack of Students in the elementary schools the education department had decided to remove more than 1000 Teacher positions.

More than 25,200 government and government aided schools are present in Tamilnadu. In these schools a single teacher was appointed for 25 students.

Each 2 Teachers

In this only 2 Teachers are working in each of the 10 thousand schools. These 2 teachers only should take the classes from 1st standard to 5th Standard .They have to take 21 subjects.

Apart from this they are also carrying out  the Election Works, Social Sector Program and the education department works. In this if one teacher takes leave, only one teacher will be present in the school. If that Teacher also goes to the government work, then no teacher will be present in the school. Since the Government was giving more permission to the private schools. The Parents are hesitating to make there children’s to study in the government School.

So, because of this the percentage of students studying in the government school was decreased. The education department had not taken any necessary step to increase the student’s admission in the government school. Instead of that Directorate of Elementary education had ordered to return the 1000 teachers positions to the government.

The Resistance has been increased among the Teachers. When the Teachers positions are reduced there is a chance that the primary schools will be closed.

Appeal to the Authorities

The State Chairman of Tamilnadu Primary School Teachers Union Moses had informed that : The reducing of Teachers positions based on the students percentage will make the way for closing the schools as earlier as possible.

We had already given petition to the education department Officers, but they are still in the plan of returning the Teachers positions back to the Government. So, we had planned to conduct the discussion about this on the JAGDO Meeting.

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