TN govt working to increase TN MBBS 2015 counselling seats

The Tamilnadu government was trying to get Additional 450 Medical Seats; whether they will get the Permission from the MCI.

There are 2,555 MBBS seats are present in the Government Medical Colleges. The Tamilnadu government was trying to get additional 450 Medical Seats. The Infrastructure work has been started by the Tamilnadu government to get Permission from the Medical Council of India-MCI.


In Tamilnadu, 19 Government medical colleges are working under the control of Directorate of Medical Education. In Chennai MMC- 250 seats; Stanley – 250 seats; Madurai -155 seats; so Totally 2,555 MBBS seats are Present.

A complaint has been raised that the private medical colleges are asking 50 lakh donation for the Single medical Seat. The government was trying to add 100 seats in the newly started Omandurar Government Medical College, so including this government was trying to increase 450 medical seats in the government medical colleges from the coming educational year. The Approval for this has been requested from the MCI.

The MCI had started to investigate that whether the government colleges are having necessary infrastructure facilities in order to implement this. The Inspection was completed on Omandurar medical college, Government Medical College Coimbatore.

The MCI had pointed some of problems like the building work was not completed in the Omadurar College and there is lack of professor, employees in the Government Medical College, Kovai.  So, because of this a question had been raised that whether these colleges will get approval for getting the additional seats. If govt get approval for this then TN mbbs 2015 counselling will get additional seats.

Government Initiative

The Director of Medical Education Geetha Lakshmi had informed that: The Government was trying to get 350 additional seats for the medical colleges present in the Coimbatore, Madurai, Nellai, Kanniyakumari and 100 additional seats in the Omandurar Medical College. So Totally the Government was trying to get 450 additional seats.

We will try to solve the problems that are pointed by the MCI and we will get the Proper approval from them. We are trying to get the additional seats from the current educational year .

Where are the Additional Seats?

College- Old Seats – Additional Seats – Total

Coimbatore- 150- 100- 250

Madurai- 155- 100- 255

Nellai- 150- 100- 250

Kanniyakumari- 100- 50-150

Omandurar- 100-100

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