tn government was advised to Introduce New Questionnaire in the Public Exam

The Exam Reform Group had advised the Tamilnadu government to prepare the questions for the 10th and +2 public exam, not only from the Text books; they should also prepare the questions from out of the Text books.

Study on Reform:  A group has been formed by placing the Previous Chairman of CBSE (Central Board of secondary education) Mr.Balasubramanian as the Head. This group has been formed to submit the Recommendation Report to the Tamilnadu Government by studying the public exam rules and the reform to be taken in the exam papers.  Many Academic directors are present in this group.

The Balasubramanian group had prepared the draft report and recommendation report by conducting various meetings related to the reforms to be taken. These reports were submitted to the Tamilnadu Government.

Details about the Draft Report: The details about the draft report was explained to the State Director of Education for All, Pooja Kulkarni; Director of School education,Rameswara murugan; Director of Primary education, Elangovan; Director of Metric education, Pitchai.

The department zone was released the News regarding this: Pooja kulkarni had requested to give some time for her to completely read the information in the report. So, if there is any change that will be taken in to consideration and it will be added in the draft report.

The Exam reform group had prepared 100 pages draft report. In that 10 pages consists only of recommendation. At Present, the decrees and the rules for the public exam was separate. So, this has to be changed and it was recommended to review all the rules and decrees and integrate only the required ones and prepare the rules and regulations for the exam.

It was recommended not to prepare the public exam questions exactly from the Text books. The questions should be prepared based on the course material and also from the outside of the text books. The questions should be prepared to test the knowledge of the students.

The department zone had also informed that as soon as the Tamilnadu government approves this report, the reform rules will be implemented from the next educational year (2015-16).

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