TN 10th exam starting 15 days earlier Students under dissatisfaction

The SSLC exam is starting 15 days before. The Students are under dissatisfaction because they do not have proper classes and they are not able to write the practice exams.

The +2 and the SSLC exam which is conducted on behalf of the directorate of Government exam department will be conducted on March and April month of every year.  In this the +2 exam will be conducted on the month of March and the SSLC exam will be conducted on April Month. The exam department had informed that lot of expenses are involved by conducting these exams separately.  So, because of this they had planned to conduct both the exam at the same time. The Schedule has been released based on this Information.

In this Situation, there was a complaint has been raised that there are lot of confusions are there in the SSLC exam Schedule. On the coming march 19th  First Language exam, on 24th  Second language exam, on 25th English 1st paper, 26th English 2nd paper, 30th Math’s and on April 6th Science , 10th Social science exams will be conducted.

A Complaint has been raised that in this schedule, every year the no of days has been reduced for the students to study and to prepare for the exam.  The educational officers had informed that: “The SSLC exam will start in one or two days after the completion of the +2 Public exams.

But in this educational year both the exams are conducted at the same time. In the year 2011, the SSLC exam was started on march 28th and ends on April 11th , In the year 2012, the exam was started on April 4th and ends at April 23rd , In the year 2013, the exam was started on March 26th  and ends on April 9th  .

But in this educational year the SSLC exam will start on 19th March and ends at April 10. When compared to the year 2012, this year it was starting 15 days before, so because of this, the no of days required to take classes has been reduced. Also there will no Study Holiday for the 2 English papers.

But for the Science exam even though 25 marks has been given for the Practical exam , 6 days leave has been issued for that Exam.   When the English exam is considered, for the 45 marks, the students can memorize and write the exam, but for the remaining questions they have to think and write the exam.

Same like in the English paper 2 exam, for the 35 marks they can memorize and write the exam and for the remaining questions they have to think and write the exam. After completion of the half yearly exam, 4 practice exams should be conducted. Since the Public exam was going to be conducted earlier, the schedule was given only for 2 practice exams.

Since the Exam department was conducting the SSLC exam in fast manner, the Students are not able to prepare completely for the exams. The Teachers are also taking the classes in the fast manner. So , they should change the SSLC exam schedule. “

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