Think before selecting the career

In your life you can go for your First Job after completing your Studies or you may change to new job from your older one. The Job change can be done because they may not like the present job or they can expect more development in there Job.

Whatever may be the reasons before selecting the Job; one should think about the nature of that Job and should completely think about the Future of that Job before selecting that Job. That Job may give less salary and that Job will not have more value in the Future.

Some Job will require less qualification, but that job will give lesser salary and that job will not give any future growth for you.

This essay gives the idea of avoiding that kind of Job.


The Telecalling field was becoming worst because of the introduction of the Mobile banking the internet banking. Telecalling field was becoming worst due to some of the aspects that make the work easier.

Apart from the above mentioned aspects, the telecalling field was becoming worst because of the increase in the Frauds that were occurring in the Telecalling Field.  This was become one of the main of that field becoming ruined.

Fashion designer.

You may think that Fashion designing was one of the emerging fields and it will give more job opportunities.

Since most of them are going forward towards this field, there was a great demand for the quality in this field.

Administrative Work

This Job was not related to Higher Administrative Work. It was related to the Clerk level Jobs. Some times back more importance was given to the Works like Data entry and maintaining the records. But now days the data’s can be easily taken from the websites, there is no need for the Clerks and for the office staff.

Since Voicemails are feasible for carrying out more number of office works. There is no need for several office staff.

Craft and Fine Arts

If you want to enter in to the Field of Craft and Fine arts, then you should know that you need to face more challenges in these fields. In Today’s situation more number of skilled workers are involved in this Field. You need to face severe competition with these workers.

It is very difficult to place your arts in the Gallery. You need to wait to get the Permission from the Gallery owners to place your arts in there Gallery. They may not know the Value of your arts.  You should think well before entering in to this field.

Postal Employees

In Today’s situation the mobile phones and the emails are the important aspects which cannot be neglected by the human beings. Apart from this they are communication devices which gives prove for all communication which was done through them.

So, the future of the People working in the Courier and the postal department is always a question? The Method of giving letters in person will be completely eradicated in the coming years. So, it is important that the people who want to do business in this field should think well before they are starting the business.

Some of the above mentioned fields are only the few examples for your thinking. There are so many fields are there similar to this. So, the field you are selecting should not go down.

So the field you are selecting should be always in a constant state. It should also give job opportunity where you go. Then you will get secure for your life.

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