The School Children can also Learn Robotics

Some of them are thinking that “why the robotics training should be given to the School Children’s”

There are adequate numbers of Engineers and programmers are present in our country. They are effectively using the computers. They are having more computer knowledge. They are also having the necessary facilities and Skills. But, the concept like facebook was still not developed in India

Learning robotics in the Young age, will be more helpful for the students in there education. The awareness about the Robotics training was greatly developed in India. More students should come forward to learn the robotics. It will be better to study robotics as one of the subject.

It is not necessary to have the Special Technical knowledge, math’s knowledge or experience is needed to study the robotics. Some of the schools are giving special training in robotics to there students.

‘The next generation will achieve’

It is necessary to help the school students to learn the basic knowledge about robotics. Then after that, there will be no limit in there imagination. There ‘Creativity’ and ‘Ideas’ will change this world.

They will decide by there own that what they need in the future. The goal which was not achieved by the present generation will be achieved by the future generation. In order to achieve this necessary ‘exposure’ should be slowly given from 4th standard. When they reach +1 there ideas will get expanded and this will be helpful for them to effectively carry out there college studies.

It was happy to hear that the students who were studying in the 4th or 5th standard are telling that “I am going to study mechanical engineer, automobile engineer” .They are getting two types of motivation by studying robotics in the young age. Most of the college students itself do not know that the robotics training are given in the schools.

Mind blowing Ideas

The Present school children’s are involved in the following activities like making the humanoid by converting the design made in the paper in to computer 3d modeling, Interested in designing the car in the form of cheetah and changing them in to aero modeling, Involved in making the technology which will be used to design the car that will be suitable to the environment. All these activities by the school children’s are making us wonder.

The school student named karthik studying at 5th standard, had produced the school calendar as an application with the help of the basic knowledge which he had learned during the summer vacation. The students are getting more ideas with the help of the knowledge which they had learned during the leisure time. The basic knowledge with interest is more important for this.


We are excited by seeing that even Handicapped child’s and autism students are also learning this with more interest.

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