Target for 100% Results – where education is going on?

The Schools in Tamil Nadu are Targeting 100% results in the Exams. Because of this Target most of the School managements are not allowing the dull students and the Students who are not having confidence in their studies to write their exam.

Some of the Complaints are that the Education department officers are not taking care of this issue, because there are having the thought in their mind that their district should come first in the results when compared to the other districts.

The education System has the responsibility of making the Better Generation. But the education system was totally changed and it was going on the negative side. We are in Shock that the Students coming out of studying through this education system will be what kind of person.

Suggestions from some of the educationalists about this issue was mentioned below

The education should be completely carried out by the Government .But the Government had transferred this to the Private Sectors. This shows the Negative sign. The government had not only transferred the responsibility to the Private sectors. They are not taking care about the Fouls that were done by the Private Sectors. The Government had not taken any action to improve the infrastructure and many other facilities. All these factors had made the path for the decline of Public Schools.

Rating the Student’s Talent and knowledge only based on the marks scored in the exam was one of the negative things that were carried out in the Countries like India. This had become casual for us. But it should be noted that in that also more pressure was given to the Students.

The Schools are forcing the Students to get first marks in their exam and they also want the Students to get 100% marks in their exam. Some of the Schools are not allowing the Students to write their exam.

This was one of the Dangerous things. Because of the high pressure the government schools are also involved in these kind of activities. Some of the Government Schools are conducting Special classes in the Important Government Holidays.

So, this is one of the big social problems which need to be solved quickly. Same like the Private the government was also treating the education as the business and deviating the Students from their own thinking skills. Whether this is Right?

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