Status of graduates in india

There was the increase in the number of graduates who are searching for the job. They are looking for the suitable job according to there education. But they are in the Situation that they have to settle in any job with in a particular period.

Particularly there was an increase in the number of unemployed engineering graduates. When they get any job with high salary they are settling in that job.

Now there was a Situation exists that the engineering Students should score good marks in there engineering subjects, they should be good in Aptitude solving, Should face interviews very boldly. Because of these most of them are started preparing to Write the Bank exams and the Government Exams. The chief executive officer of one of the reputed Energy sector Company had informed about the eligibilities that they are expecting from the graduates.

He had informed that the job is given to a candidate based on the marks scored by the engineering graduate, Good Computer skills, and Good decision making skills after they had joined in the job, Good in exchanging the information between the co employees, Team Spirit and also Time management Skills.

Not only this Most of the big companies are selecting there employees based on how the Candidate will be useful for there Company for the next five years once they had joined in there company. They are also looking for the skill whether the candidate is able to handle the Market Competition. The information Technology Companies are following the technique that they can provide the salary of Rs.3 lakh per annum and they can give more salary for the highly skilled People.

The Engineering graduate should undergo difficult situations before the candidate reaches the salary range of 20 lakhs per annum. Many informations are revealed from the survey conducted by the NASSCOM about the Engineering graduates.

According to this it was found that In India only 27% of the Engineering graduates searching for the job is Highly Skilled. At the same time when the growth of India Increases and reaches to 7% and above there will be a need of 25 lakh engineering graduates in different fields in the next 6 years.

The Youngsters will get the suitable life only when they get proper education,  Aptitude solving skills and other necessary skills. It was a Good information that some of the big companies and the central government had made arrangement for the Aptitude training.

Those who want to get in to the banking jobs they have to develop there skills according the New technologies involved in that and also they should know how to handle the banking services then only they can stay in that job for long time. There will not be a Situation that after completing the studies they can go for the government jobs and other jobs. There is no other way they have to face all this according to the world economic conditions.

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