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The Illiterates can also register in the Employment Office

The Officers of the Employment Office had informed that “The Persons who do not have any educational qualification or skipped education in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th, 7th, 8th, 9th standard or SSLC fail  can also register in the employment office, when they have the documents like birth certificate. But we cannot assure that whether they will get the Job”.

In Tamilnadu, More than 84.68 lakh People had registered in the Employment and waiting for the Job. In the 84.68 lakh people, 43.14 people are Women. The Government had announced a Special scheme that those who had not registered for the past three year can renew their registration within the dates mentioned here.

How to register for Below 10th?

Open tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in and choose the registration form, there in the “qualification detail” tab choose the literacy level as per your qualification, it will show a list like given below.

tn employment register below 10th

The persons who had missed there renewal are using this scheme and they are doing the renewal. Many of illiterate people are thinking that When they register in the employment office, they will atleast get the Sweeping Job. So many of them are showing there Interest in registering in the Employment Office for the Job .  But many of them are not able to register in the employment office because they do not have the Proper documents.

One of the Employment Officer had informed that :

The Employment offices are operated to make arrangement for the Job to those who had completed there Studies and searching for the Job. The documents like birth certificate, educational certificate, caste certificate, Ration card are needed to get register in the Employment Office. If the person does not have any educational qualification, then they can register with the help of the documents like birth certificate, caste certificate and ration card.

Eight standard is the Minimum qualification needed to apply for the assistant job, Fifth Standard is the Minimum qualification needed to apply for the Sentinel Job. If you do not have any educational qualification, then also you can apply, but you will not any benefit from that.

One of the Another Officer had informed that “No Qualification is needed to apply for the Sweeping Job, Swarna Jayanthi Job in the Localities , and in the Private sweeping persons are recruited based on the outsourcing method.  When Any Such recommendation is asked, we will definitely recommend”.

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