There was a Severe Shortage for Primary Teachers around the World – UNESCO

Totally there are 2 crore 90 lakh Primary teachers are working around the world. One of the UNESCO report had informed that 40 lakh teachers are additionally required to achieve the stage of Universal Primary education and shortage is present in the schools for primary teachers.

The information given on this report was: For example, if this level was going to be achieved on the year 2030, then in that case totally 2 crore 70 lakh will be needed for this.

Around the World Totally there are 65 crore children’s are in the age of going to school. In that 25 crore children’s are not able to properly study the basic education because of shortage of the teachers. In most of the countries, poorly trained teachers are placed in the primary schools for various reasons.

Among one third of the countries, only less than 75% of the Teachers are properly trained.  So, the quality of the education was severely affected because of this reason. Minimum 93 countries around the world are having severe shortage of the Teachers.

India needs minimum 30 lakh teachers to achieve the level of universal primary education in the year 2015.There is a Situation of severe shortage of teachers in the regional countries like Sahara in Africa.

The quality primary education was always a dream for the children’s living in the countries having less trained teachers. The quality primary education can be given to the children’s by appointing new teachers who are well trained and also by giving proper training to the existing teachers.

In the year 2015, 15 lakh teachers will be needed in Pakistan and 3 lakh teachers will be needed in Bangladesh. It is important to confirm the information that the teachers who are going to be appointed newly had completed their graduation? All These information  was clearly explained on the report.

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