How to score good marks easily in University / Diploma semester exams

Presentation in answer paper plays equally important role to preparing the subjects, most students spend lot of time in preparing the syllabus and don’t giving much important for presentation. For university and diploma exams you don’t need to prepare like for 10th/12th. Because in 10th/12th students have to write what exactly presently in books, but in higher education you can write what you understood in that topic with relevant diagrams and formulas


Common Tips for scoring good marks :


  1. Instead of writing full theory/story add at least one diagram in each page of answer, it will give good appearance / save your time / Answer length will increase to more pages. So refering more authors for diagrams will help to score more marks.
  2. Start with introduction; add sub headings where ever possible.
  3. Differentiate sub headings with a different color.
  4. Give proper space between each word and only write well known contents in start / first page of answer.
  5. Try to add more equations / formulas if present, solve equations elaborately and don’t try to explain in short. Because staffs are giving more importance for equations / images / sub headings / handwriting while allotting marks.
  6. If you write any wrong words in paragraph avoid striking it, try to write answer without striking anything.
  7. While drawing a diagram add at least 5 labels and don’t draw diagrams with blank labels, If don’t able to remember any labels represent at least common parts.
  8. Don’t leave any big mark questions as blank, just write and draw whatever you studied relevantly. Write answers for big mark/16 mark questions in at least 4 pages.
  9. Go to exam hall with watch, depending upon the time duration allot particular time for each questions and try to complete it within the limit. If a big mark question contains more sub questions, time keep up is very important.
  10. Don’t get tensed before entering into hall, try to stay cool and relaxed even if you didn’t prepared much. Before submitting answer sheet to hall supervisor check question numbers.

We have composed the article mainly for slow and medium learners and these are the important ways of getting good marks.

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