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What is Cosmetology Field?

In Today’s Environment most of them are thinking that they should look beautiful when compared to others. Many of the people are taking various actions to keep themselves more beautiful and they are also spending more money on this. So because of this the beautician field had become one of the emerging fields and it also gives good income opportunities.

The Cosmetologists was doing the same job what the Fashion designer was doing. The cosmetologists are playing a major role in deciding the Trends and also help in changing something more beautiful. So, because of this they are considered to be one of the most important persons in today’s environment.

The Cosmetology field consists of various aspects like hair styling, Skin Styling, Beauty treatments and Nail related beauty techniques.

Many of the People want to be more beautiful when compared to others, so the cosmetologists are most needed in this corporate world.

What is Cosmetology?

The Cosmetology refers to Changing the Appearance of the Person by doing various researches and by undergoing various beauty treatments. In Today’s Environment many of the people are giving more importance to their Skin and there Hair. The Consumption Culture was one of the Main reason for this.

The Cosmetologist was one of the People who are professionally looking on Skin and Beauty care. The Cosmetology can be divided in to two different categories.

  • Medical Based cosmetologist (Dermatologists)
  • Non Medical Based Cosmetologist (Non Medical Professionals)

The Job nature of the both the persons are looks to be similar but the Treatment methods, Techniques and the professional categories will be totally different.


There are many Specialization are present in this Field, but we will see some of the important and reputed specializations.

Hair Decoration

The Hair was considered to be one of the important part in every human being life. Only few people are not taking care about there hair but many people are giving more importance to there Hair. The Hair was playing a major role in deciding the Face Structure of a Person and also giving Confidence to that Person.


The hair decoration consists of various aspects like Hair cutting, Putting Shampoo in the hair, Coloring, Wig decoration, Perking, Straightening and smoothening the hair. In this the expert should have the knowledge of maintaining different types of hair and maintaining and keeping the hair healthier.


Adding Beauty

This Field was called as Aesthetics in English. This field was commonly related to adding beauty to the Skin. This field consists of various aspects like Facial, Massage, Glazing, Removing Impurities from the Skin, Aromatherapy and Various Spa Treatment that was carried out in the resorts.

It is important to correctly calculate the Skin Feature of a person and recommending the skin maintaining products that was suitable to them.

If you have the eligibility you can get the chance to work in the Hospitals and you can give advice on maintaining the skin after the Skin Surgery.

Nail Technician

Keeping the Hands, Legs and Skins more cleaner was considered to be one of the most important aspects in the Aesthetics Field. It is also plays a major role in the health of a person. The Nail Technician was adding beauty to the Hands and the Foots. The person who had got specialized in this field can also do the work of Painting and designing.


This is one of the Aesthetics Treatment. This Treatment helps in removing the pain that was occurring during the removal of the hair. The Radiation or Laser Treatment was used to remove the hair.


The Particular Educational Qualification is not needed for the Persons Working in the Non Medical Field. There interest in learning is most needed and also creativity is more needed to work in this Field.

The person who is interested to work in this Field should get specialization in any of the section. Henna, skin care, tattoos, hair styling, make up are some of the important aspects in this field. The persons who want to work in the Dermatology and Medical cosmetology Field should Have MBBS qualification and they should also complete the Post Graduate degree in Dermatology.

Apart from this the certificate courses, diploma and advance diploma will also be helpful to them.


The income in this Field will be calculated based on the Skills you had gained in this Field, your reputation, and how far your own business had grown. The basic income in this Field will be from Rs.3,000 to Rs. 10,000.

The Make up artists can get the Fees from Rs.5, 000 to Rs.7000 for a Particular programme. This was purely based on there talent and there reputation.

When this Field is considered it is better to have a own business rather than working under a person. So before starting the own business one should gain the Proper skills and experience in this field.

Future of the Cosmetology field

This field was considered to be one of the emerging field. The Skin care companies like Kaya Skin clinic were present in India. These Skin Care companies needs more good cosmetologists to give treatment to there customers and to give full satisfaction to there customers.

In India many Industries are directly related to the cosmetology field. The various fields like cinema field, Television field, Advertising Field , fashion Field, Wedding business Field are some of the fields which are directly related to the Cosmetology field. So, the Cosmetologists are most needed in today’s environment.

Positives and Negatives

Freedom of exposing there creativity, Challenging Work environment, the opportunity of meeting different kind of people frequently or daily are some of the Positive aspects in this Field. Apart from this the Cosmetologists who were working in the Freelance mode are having the Freedom of choosing there own work environment and the Fees Structure.

This Work was not similar to the normal office work. Sometime it will be needed to work for more than 12 to 14 hrs. So because of this the cosmetologists will have both Physical and mental pressure.

When a person had shown there skills in this field for more years and if they had proven there talent in this Field, they may have the chance of getting more income in this Field.

Some of the Educational Institutes providing this course

  • Lakme Training Academy
  • Nalini and Yasmin Academy
  • Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy
  • Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Academy



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