Problems faced by TNPSC and TRB in new appointments


Because of the duplicate certificates, problem in giving the Priority and the confusion in the eligibility determination, the Teacher recruitment board TRB and the Tamilnadu Public service commission TNPSC had decided to stop the new appointments. The education department officers are confused how to solve these problems.


Recently Many Complaints are registered in the TRB and the TNPSC sectors. There was an increase in the number of cases that are filed against the TRB.

The handicapped had conducted protests stating that no proper rules have been followed during Teacher exam.

No Proper reservation was given to the Blind graduates in the State Academic research institute Teachers Exam. The Secretary of Education Sabitha had asked unconditional apology in the High court.

In the Teacher exam that was conducted in June 2012, a candidate named divya from the Tiruvallur district was given the Teacher job based on the Duplicate caste certificate. The Tiruvallur Deputy Collector Rahulnath had cancelled this certificate based on the order from the High court.

Confusion was happened during the selection of 1,093 assistant professor positions that was present in the government arts and Science colleges. This confusion was cleared later.

During the Appointment of Computer Teachers, lot of confusion were happened during the allocation of seats for the widows, for the persons who had done on the mixed marriages and the ex military man. So, because of this the high court had given order to stop the Appointment order of 133 persons. So, due to the continuous complaints on TRB department, many works were carried out very slowly in the TRB Sections. The officers had decided to find out the duplicate certificates. Same like this there are lot of Confusions were happened in the TNPSC.


A complaint has been registered during the weightage and the qualification fixing for the Assistant agricultural officer Position.

In the Village Administrative office positions the high Court had ordered to issue the Appointment order to the persons who are in the Waiting List. But the TNPSC had still not taken any action on this. The TNPSC had given promise to the court that it will work properly. Because of these problems the TRB and the TNPSC had decided to stop the new appointment orders, eligibility announcement, giving weightage marks and also review the originality of the certificates.

They had asked the education department to give proper support to them. But the Educational officers are confused how to solve this problem.

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