pondicherry higher education council has been started

The Higher education council for the Pondicherry state has been started.

The higher education council for the Pondicherry state has been started. From now onwards the Puducherry will receive the Fund given by the central government for the development of the higher education.

The Ministry of human resource development had implemented the “Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan” (RUSA) Plan. The Central government was giving fund under this plan to develop the infrastructure facilities in the colleges.

Federal Funding

The Central government will provide 65 percent funds for the construction of the new buildings, laboratories and for buying the computers in the government arts and science colleges, engineering colleges, polytechnic colleges present in the state and union territories.

The remaining 35 percent should be provided by the state government and they should carry out the remaining work.  The higher education council should be set up in order to get the fund under this scheme.

Who are all the members?

According to this the higher education council was formed in the Pondicherry. The selection committee was formed to select the members for this council. The government order was released for the first council. 14 members were included in this committee.

The minister of higher education will act as the president for the higher education council and the secretary of higher education will act as the Vice president. The director of higher education will act as the director of State project.

The ex-chairman of the Tagore college Mr.Rajan, The retired Biological professor of the Kanchi mamunivar education center Mr. Ramanujam, The chairman of the Pop John Paul college Mr.Paul, The retired professor of the Pondicherry university Mr.Gunasekaran, the Managing Director of Integra Mr.Sriram Subramanya, The principals of Karaikal Anna College, SRK college, Pondicherry engineering college, the principals of karaikal polytechnic, the ex-vice president of Madurai kamarajar university Mr. Muthu chezhian and the director of kanchi ma munivar education center were also appointed as the members.

The central government will appoint the representative along with these people. The Assistant professor of Tagore arts college Mr. Mohandas will act as the secretary of the Council member.

First Meeting

The work for opening the office for the higher education council was in full swing in the Directorate of higher and technical education campus present in the Losspettai. The first meeting of the council will be conducted in the first week of January under the presence of president Rangasamy.

At that time the council will give permission for the development of infrastructure facilities in the Pondicherry government colleges. Once the council had given the permission, it will be sent to the Ministry of human resource development and the actions for getting the funds will be carried out in full swing.

List was ready

There are 2 government engineering colleges, 12 Arts and science colleges, 6 polytechnic colleges are present in Pondicherry. The directorate of Higher and technical education had prepared the list of infrastructure facilities to be carried out in these colleges. All these details will be placed in the first council meeting and will wait for the permission.

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