Permission letter from the parents is made mandatory for the educational Tour

At the time of conducting the education tour, the department of education had ordered the School administration to follow nine instructions like getting the permission letter from the parent’s or guardian.

The central human resource department had ordered the state government to Setup some regulations, to avoid the accidents that were happening during the educational tours On following this, the Department of school education, Tamilnadu had sent the Guidance procedures to the district educational officers.

It is necessary to confirm that the educational tour should be very useful to the students. It is necessary to give the identification card to the students and it is also necessary to get all the information’s from the students. The Students who had got the permission letter from there parent’s are eligible to go for the educational tour. At the same time it is very important to get the Pre- approval from the district educational officials.

When more than 10 students are going for the educational tour, at that time it is necessary to get the guidance from the Local travel Agent.

It is important that the students should be under the Control of the Teachers. It is necessary to get the Approval letter from the students and it is also necessary to get the Approval letter from the Teachers that they will help the students during their emergency.

On behalf of the Education office the Circular related to this was sent to the government, government aided, private and metric schools located in the kovai district. The educational officials had informed that severe action will be taken on the schools that were making arrangement for the educational tour without following the regulations. It is very important schools must complete these procedures before arranging tours, it will make the journey safe and happy.

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