Institutions offering Painting and cosmetology courses in India 2015

Painting and cosmetology field

By reviewing the old excavation records it was found that in India, the painting was famous since before the Historical periods.

Painting means not only doing the traditional painting in the canvas, also doing painting on the glass, ceramic, pot and also in the fabric.  Painting for entertainment is one of the category. At the same time, doing painting work as a profession comes under another category.

In Today’s environment painting was liked my most of the People around the world. But in the previous years, the attraction and the recognition towards the painting was very less. Because of this, the artists who want to enter in to this field are getting motivated.

Where they can Work?

The Art experts are getting different opportunities in forming there profession. They are having lot of opportunities in the art studios, advertising companies, in the publishing companies and also in the fashion companies.

Apart from this, many of the art experts also want to work as a freelancer. Because, by working as a freelancer they will get independent in there working hours and also they are getting the opportunity to work in the different projects.

Apart from this, the art experts can develop there skills by choosing the teaching profession.

Where they can study?

Some of the Indian educational institutes teaching these courses



The Studies which are related to the beauty treatments was called as cosmetology. This field consists of different sections like hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures and electrology.

The knowledge and the experience are most needed to work in this field. This field includes the aspects starting from beauty treatment to medical care.

This field was becoming one of the most competitive and most challenging field. Because today’s environment was not only the corporate world and also the awareness of health and beauty has been increase among the men and the women. So, because of this, the competition and the challenges have also been increased.

Apart from this there was an increase in the importance and growth of this field, many skilled experts are needed for this field.  There are lots of job opportunities are awaiting for those who are choosing this field.

Where they can work?

The cosmetology students can get the job opportunities in the beauty saloons, health resorts and other resorts.

Apart from this, the cosmetic companies and the industries related to that field are appointing the students who had completed the cosmetology course.

Apart from this the cosmetologists can get the opportunity to work as the consultant in the newspapers, magazines and web publisher.

Where they can study ?

Some of the educational institutes providing the courses related to this field

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