No increase in salary as per sixth pay commission – TN intermediate teachers

The salary is not be paid to Seniority Registered Intermediate teachers based on the recommendations of the sixth pay commission. So because of this More than 10 thousand teachers had planned to resign their job and they had planned to join in the private schools. So, this will create the situation of demand of teachers in the schools that are present in the rural areas.

The Recommendation of sixth pay commission was implemented to the government teachers and the government officers present in tamilnadu. Apart from the Recommendation of the Seventh pay commission was also expected to be implemented soon.


A complaint has been raised that the Recommendation of sixth pay commission was not implemented to the seniority Registered Intermediate teachers who had joined in the Job after the year 1999. After many protests also the government had not decided to increase the salary of the teachers. So because of this, 10 thousand newly joined Intermediate teachers had planned to resign there job and they had planned to join in the Private schools, which gives more salary for them.

The Seniority Registered Intermediate teacher’s union secretary J.Robert had informed that: More than 1.25 lakh Intermediate teachers are working in the Government schools in Tamilnadu. In this, the three different low percentage salaries were given to the 60 thousand Intermediate teachers who had joined up to the year 1999.

According to the recommendation of Sixth pay commission, the salary was increased to the graduates, post graduate teachers and the government employees. These 60 thousand teachers are still getting low percent of salary. They are getting Rs.5,200 as the basic salary and Rs.2,800 as the Grade Salary. So, we had given many petitions to the Chief Secretary of the Chief Minister Special Cell, Government Financial Secretary, secretary of the education department and many higher officials to increase the salary of the Teachers. But the government had informed that among 60 thousand teachers, many of them are working in the schools that are present in the rural areas, so the salary will not be increased to them.


We had filed a case in the Highcourt regarding this issue. The Judge Sasidharan had ordered that the decision should be taken within four month after reviewing our request. We had decided to conduct continuous protest through the Government employee, Teacher Federation Union Jekdo. If the government was not taking any action after these protest, more than 10 thousand intermediate teachers will resign there Job and they will Join in the Private Schools.

In Order to avoid the Situation of creating demand for the teachers in the schools present in the Rural areas, the Tamilnadu government should take immediate action with in the coming educational year.

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