New Syllabus for the Teacher Training course from Next Year

From Next Year Onwards, New Syllabus will be implemented for the Teacher Training course

The State Teacher education research Institute had planned to implement some of the plans like making changes in the method used for exam rating of the Students, giving more importance to the Students practical Approach methods.

600 Schools: Totally, there are 600 Teachers Training institutes are present in Tamilnadu. Two Years Teacher Training course was provided in these Institutes. Those who are completing this course are eligible to work as a Teacher in the Primary School.

The Tamilnadu government was taking necessary steps to strengthen the primary education which acts as a basement for the student’s community and also helps to make the primary school teachers to be more qualified and Skilled. Many states had changed the Teacher Training Syllabus under the Teacher Educational policy 2009 developed by the Central Government.

New Method in Teaching: Strong Syllabus, New Technologies in the Teaching method, teaching the Students in a better way by psychologically approaching the Students, use of Technology in education and Teaching, Learning and Teaching, Teaching through computer. All these plans will be implemented in the new syllabus.

The new syllabus was implemented in Kerala last year. The new syllabus is getting prepared in Andhra and Karnataka. In Tamilnadu, The State Teacher education research Institute had developed the draft syllabus. Totally there are 14 subjects, 7 subjects for first year, 7 subjects for second year.

Draft syllabus was Ready : The Directorate had taken the step that for each subject a Team consists of 5 people will be sent to different cities and directly research the situation present in that cities. The Team had submitted the report to the Directorate by directly visiting the other state syllabus, teaching method, New Plans.

The draft syllabus was prepared by making necessary changes on the information given by the Team. When the Tamilnadu government gives permission, the writing work for the syllabus will start. The Department had planned to introduce the new syllabus from next year.

Change in the Rating method: In regard to this The Principal of Chennai Teacher Training Institute Mr.Ayyappan had told that: In the Current Syllabus the student rating will be based on the written exam. But, In the New syllabus, less important will be given to exam based rating .The new syllabus consists of many rating methods like Psychological based rating, rating based on listening skills and the rating based on speaking skills.

The New syllabus will also consist of plans like use of computer in Learning and Teaching, Handling New Approaches.

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