upcoming job opportunities in indian navy in various sections 2015 / Required skills

Working in Navy

Indian Navy is one of the Strong and Well Integrated Organization. Our Navy has the Power of Working above and Under the Sea.

Indian Navy Officer

A Young officer, who was getting the Opportunity to work in the Navy, will get the chance to work with latest war equipments and also with other equipments. Because of this that officer will gain More Experience in Future.

The Indian Navy Job was one of the Challenging Job which is combined of Skilled Technology and Military operations.  In this field one will get the self experience and also it will be a platform for them to express there own talents. This Job will give the Financial and Food related security to a Person.

Expected Skills

Skill of changing them according to the different situations in life.

  1. Courage
  2. Leader Ship Skills
  3. The Spirit of Sacrificing
  4. Good Physical Strength
  5. Self thinking ability
  6. Capable of Providing Proper guidance
  7. Discipline
  8. To be determined
  9. Not too much sensitive and having more Patience
  10. Hard Working
  11. Clear thoughts
  12. Skill of expressing in a better way
  13. Good decision making skills
  14. Knowledge and awareness about the Technologies


Joining in Navy

If anyone wants to join the Navy, they have to write the NDA exam conducted by UPSC once in a Year. You can take the NDA exam if you had successfully completed the School education. Only the Unmarried youngsters can take this exam .


This exam was conducted in three stages written exam, SSB Interview and the medical Test. If you had successfully completed all these stages, you will be selected.

You can take the CDS exam conducted by the UPSC if you had completed a Degree.

Navy Headquarters

India is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Indian Navy has Head offices in 3 places.

West Naval Head quarters – Mumbai

East Naval Head quarters – Vishakhapatnam

South Naval Head quarters – Cochin

Job Sections

Executive Section

The Person working under this section will control the War Ships, submarines and the Airplanes belonging to Navy. At the same time that Person should have taken the Special Training on the Following divisions

DivingGunnery & Missiles
Anti-Submarine WarfareNavigation and Direction


Engineering Section

Recent war ships, submarines and Airplanes consist of many latest technologies. The Officer Working under this section should take care of maintaining these technologies in a proper way and they should also take care of Proper working of all these technologies.

Electrical Section

The war ship consists of Missile system, Weapons to work under sea, radar and radio related equipments. All these equipments will work under the computer based system. They also Consists of Technologies related to the electronics engineering Field.

A war ship will be given a Pressurized Work any time that may be a war with an Enemy. They will not know when this situation will happen. So the Warships should be kept in good condition at all the time.

So the Officer Working in the Electrical section in navy always plays a major role. The Navy provides the Opportunity to the eligible candidates for studying the Post graduate degree. This will help them to develop there Skills.

Education Section

The work of this section is to provide training to the Navy officers. The function of a Particular section will depend on the Skills of the Person Working in that section. The Work of this section is very important.

The officers in this section are responsible for the Science and Organizational guidance. An education officer can be specialized in all Aspects of the Executive section.

How to Join?

The Job opportunities in Navy will be published in all Employment news and also in all National and district news Papers.

The recruitment for the Permanent commission will be done through the NDA exam. The recruitment for the Indian Naval Academy cadet and for the CDSE recruitment will be carried out through the written exam.

The recruitment for the Permanent commission and the Short term commission do not have any written exam. The recruitment will based on the fixed conditions and based on the qualifications.

Upcoming Indian navy jobs 2015


Cultural Integration

India was considered as the Sub continent of Different Countries. Indian Navy was selecting skilled persons to work in the different sections of the Navy. All the Persons working in the Indian navy will be treated in the same level in regardless of their religion, caste and there language.

Each and every person will be given an opportunity according to there skills. The job Promotion and the other benefits to a person are given based on the Skill and the Commitment of that Person. It was not given based on the background of that person.

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