mumbai university to start NAD for issuing certificates online

The Mumbai University had planned to create the National Educational Certificate saving center

The Mumbai University had planned to create the National Educational certificate saving centre to protect the student’s online educational certificates.

Mark List: The University Spokesman leeladhar bansod had released an information regarding this: For the First time in India, this plan was implemented only in Mumbai University. This plan will be implemented from the coming year.

There is no need for the students to come directly to the university, they can easily download their educational certificates, mark sheets from the online saving center website.

Since the verification of the certificates and the official seal was given through online, the problem of creating duplicate certificates and the problems in mark sheets can be avoided. Particularly the companies can find out whether the certificates given by the particular person is genuine or not.

Identity Certificate

The students can login to the website with the help of the password and they can download the copy of the educational certificate and their attestation facility. The universities, colleges and schools across the country can give the details about their students and get them registered in the N.A.D.

Based on the Identity certificate, the details about the students and their educational information’s will be registered in the N.A.D. The life is very less for the paper based certificate and there protection is also not safe. These problems will not occur in case of online educational certificate.

By this method the university has planned to promote digital certificate method, it will avoid problems like losting original mark sheets and so on. By saving the files in NAD Mumbai university it can be retrieved at any time.

Mumbai university convocation certificates and mark sheets of students will be uploaded to database to access it online when it started this system.

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