More than 40 lakh people will get the Job in the IT Field

The Chief minister Siddaramaiah had informed that “ An order has been sent to K.I.A.D.B to occupy the 2,722 acre land immediately .This land was occupied to construct the Information Technology Investment department over the area of 10,500 acre near  devanahalli.”

The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had inaugurated the three days “Bangalore ITBiz” Programme conducted in the International Exhibition center. He had given speech on this programme which comes below:

Every year, totally 40 million business will take place in the Information Technology Department. Through this 40 lakh people will get the job directly or indirectly. The State Government will do all the necessary help for the Information Technology Investment Department. All the necessary help will be done for the Business People who are interested in Investing in the Information Technology Department present in the 2nd and 3rd part Districts.

IT jobs in bangalore

In Karnataka, Suitable situation will be made which will be helpful for the growth of the Information Technology department. All the necessary benefits will be given to the IT Companies so that they can elaborate there companies. Karnataka has 30% Part in the overall Information Technology Import across the country. Bangalore was ready to compete with American Cities.

All the above information was said by Siddaramaiah.

The information Technology minister S.R.Patel had informed that “The State government had implemented various plans for the growth of the I.T.B.T. When the Investors are ready to invest in the 2nd and 3rd part districts. The investors will be given free land for 2 years; there Employees will be provided by the benefits like Future deposits, ESI.”

The IT., BT secretary Sreevatsa Krishna had informed that “Bangalore had consists of lot of job opportunities when compared to Tamilnadu and Telungana”.

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