The methods which helps to get Hike in your salary

There is a famous proverb is there which states that “Job is not focused only on the money, the Job satisfaction should also be there “

But only with the Job satisfaction we are not able to manage our day to day expenses. Our Salary should also be increased according to our expenses.

Some People will get the suitable salary for the work they are doing. But most of them are still not getting the Proper salary. They are trying to get high salary from the company in which they are working.

Some of the instructions about what are methods need to be followed to get high salary are given below.

Planning according to the situation

First you need to check the situation before approaching the concerned person, whom will be responsible for your Salary hike. You need to check whether that person is under any work pressure or in any other tension. Only After confirming the situation, then only you need to approach that person.

You will get the perfect situation only when that person was in a proper mood.


The eulogy plays a major role in every human’s life. If we need to get anything that we most want in our life .we need to keep the concerned person happy. At the same time we need to do the required work.

Even though if you work hard, you will get the benefit of that hard work only when the owner of the company had decided to give reward for that work.

Asking more

For example if a sales person wants to sell a product for Rs.80, the sales person will tell that the price for that product will be Rs.100 to Rs.120. Then by negotiating with the buyer that product will be sold out between Rs.80 to Rs.110.

Same like this if you think you want to get Rs.3000 raise in your salary. You should ask from Rs.5000 to Rs.6000. When you ask like this you will get the Salary hike from RS.3000 to Rs.4000.

Need confidence

You need to have full confidence at the time when you are going to meet the concerned person, whom will be responsible for your Salary hike. You should be satisfied with your working skill and the dedication. You should have the confidence that you are working in the better way for the company you are working.

You can increase the interest of the company towards you by explaining the work that you had done to help proper working of the company and the growth of the Company.

Direct Contact

The owner of the Company should know the following details before proceeding the salary hike. The owner should know what is the role of that person in that Company? How the company will be benefited from that person?  How far that Person is working with full dedication? What are the skills that person has?

You should have the direct contact with the owner of the company to know all these details about you.

At least you should be offered to meet the owner during the required time. Then only your requests will be submitted directly to the owner. Otherwise the Intermediate agents will not submit your requests properly to the owner of the Company.


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