Different types of mba exams in india and its features 2015

The Concepts and Differences in the MBA entrance Exams…

CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, ATMA and IBSAT are some of the Popular Management Entrance exams. This essay explains about the difference between these entrance exams.

Acceptance of the Score…

First of all, It is important to know the information that how many of the Business schools will accept the marks obtained from a particular entrance exam. For example the marks obtained from the CMAT exam conducted by AICTE was accepted by more than 1500 Business Schools.

At the same time if it is a State level entrance exams like TANCET, ICET, KMAT, the marks obtained from that Exams are accepted by the Business schools present in that Particular state.

But if an Entrance exam is conducted by a particular university, the marks obtained from that exam will be accepted by the MBA field of that university or by the colleges Linked with those Universities.

Exam Taking Method….

From the year 2009, some of the Main Entrance exams like CAT, NMAT and MAT are changed from Paper based exam to Computer based exam.

Like wise, the Entrance Exams like ATMA and IBSAT are also changed to computer based exam. The exams like XAT, IIFT, SNAP and MICAT are conducted only in the Paper based format.

When these will be conducted?

Some of the Exams will be conducted once in a year. Some of the exams will be conducted more than once in a year. If an exam is taken twice, the highest marks scored will be taken in to count and the Students will be shortlisted based on the highest marks scored.

Exam Procedure….

There are lot of difference in the exams based on the parameters like the Testing division, Duration and the rating system. At the Same time all the MBA entrance exams will definitely have the general syllabus like Quantitative ability (Mathematics), Verbal ability (English skills), Data Interpretation / Data Sufficiency and Reasoning (Analytical, Critical, Verbal, Visual).

Even though there are lots of Differences in the name of the exams. There will not be any difference will be there in the questions asked in the exam and also in the curriculum.

The exams like XAT, CMAT, IIFT, SNAP, MICAT, and IBSAT will additionally have a Public awareness division. The exams like XAT, TISSNET, and MICAT will have the essay writing and the Subjective questions.


Exams and the Educational Institutes accepting these exams…

CAT- More than 100 Business schools

XAT– More than 100 Business schools

MAT– More than 150 Business schools

CMAT– More than 1500 Business Schools

ATMA– More than 150 Business Schools

IIFT– IIFT educational Institute in Delhi and Kolkata


SNAP– Symbiosis International University


IBSAT–  ICFAI Business Schools.

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