mangalyaan first photo of mars, orbit insertion simulation video

As Planned the “Mangalyaan” Satellite had entered in to its orbiting track. This was a greater achievement of the ISRO Scientists.

It was appreciable that the ISRO Leader K. Radha Krishnan had successfully launched this project with in the expected time period by working with his important team consists of 14 scientists.

The chief scientist of this project S.K. sivakumar had said that “ It was proud that the satellite works according to the commands without any interruption till from the beginning. Our child was successfully flying in the sky”.

The decision of the travelling path of the Mangalyaan was a difficult one. This victory was considered for rating of the Mangalyaan project. After finished watching the troubled situations along with the ISRO scientists, the Prime Minister Modi had given a special appreciation to the scientists.

The Prime minister had told that the hard work of the scientists plays a major role in the First successful traveling to the “red satellite” mars which was at the 6.5 crores kilometers which is less than expense involved in taking a Hollywood film.

The Modi had informed that” the ‘Chandrayan Success’ which was started during the Vajpai period helps to provide a basement for this Success. The Modi had also asked the young scientists to work in a ‘guru-shisyan’ tradition to give more successful projects which will be helpful for the growth of the Indian traditions. He had also told by this kind of successes the India will become a successful country like “jagath guru bharath” as said by swami Vivekananda and also the concentration of the whole world will turn towards India. This will help for the growth of India and also it will help India to get a prestigious place among the other countries in the World.”


Mangalyaan’s first photo of Mars:


[see High resolution picture – click here ]



Mangalyaan Orbit Insertion simulation video:

[Mars orbit insertion simulation video released by ISRO ]

The ‘Maven Satellite’ sent by the American Space Centre NASA had already started its travelling in the Mars orbit Track. The duties of that Satellite is totally different. It will do the research of the Properties of the light layers in the Mars surface. Our Mangalyaan travels during the same period in which that satellite travels. The America NASA had also appreciated our victory.

India had placed in the 4th place among the countries in the world involved in the Mars travel. From now the developed countries involved in this business including America will come forward to share their latest technologies with us. The former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and many other people had also appreciated this victory. The famous play back singer latha mangeshkar had described this success as   ‘Jai bharath’.

The information and the photos going to be shared by the satellite called as ‘440 Newton engine’ which was already travelling in the Mars orbit track will help to optimize our research. The Successes in the Space field will be helpful for the growth of our country and it will also help to get a Special status for India among the other countries in the world. The Continuous hard work of the ISRO scientists plays a major role for these successes.

Particularly most of the post graduate students who are studying the science will become scientists by doing the research on these Travelling techniques.

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