location of AIIMS hospital in tamilnadu

AIIMS in Tamilnadu; the Federal Government Committee was undergoing the Research Work

The central government had planned to start the AIIMS Hospital in Tamilnadu. The Federal Government committee had started there research work on the Places recommended by the Central Government .

The Central Government had announced that “The AIIMS hospital will be started in 5 states including Tamilnadu”. The Central Government had asked the Tamilnadu government to select 200 Acres of Land for this. Based on this the State government had selected five location which includes Erode district, Perundurai, Madurai- Thoppur, Pudukottai town, thanjavur- Sengipatti and Chengalpattu. The State government had sent the complete details about these places to the central Government.

Five People Committee:

So in order to do undergo the research on these places a five people Committee has been formed under the leading of the Joint secretary of Health and Family welfare Mr. Dathri Panda.This committee includes JIPMER hospital doctor Bachandar, Federal health Architectural expert Sachin Mahendru, Pro-secretary of the Central Government Chandrasekar. This committee had reached Coimbatore yesterday.

This committee was doing the research work in Tamilnadu from 22nd to 25th  of this Month. They are doing the research on the places that are selected the Tamilnadu Government. Yesterday they had completed the Reasearch on Perundurai, Erode District. Today they are doing research on Pudhukottai, After that they are doing research on Madurai- Thoppur, Sengipatti and after completion of this they are doing research on chengalpattu on 25th. Special Secretary of the State Department of Health Senthil kumar had gone along this group as a State Co ordinator. Soon location of AIIMS hospital for tamilnadu state will come to know.

After completion of researches on 25th this committee was meeting the State Health Secretary Rama Krishnan. After they will reach the Delhi and they will give recommendation to the Central government stating that in which place they can construct the AIIMS Hospital. Once the place got confirmed the Construction work of AIIMS will be started.



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