List of job opportunities for journalists 2015

Opportunities that are available for the Journalist

Since Journalism is one of the field which was liked by most of the People. Most of them are thinking with in a circle.

Most of them are thinking that a journalist will only get the opportunity of working in the Television, Newspaper and some of the other Presses. But the original Situation is different. The Journalist will get different Job Opportunities.

By getting the degree in the Journalism, one will have the chance of getting developed in there communication skills and the multi media skills. They will also get lot of job opportunities. These opportunities are apart from the normal multimedia opportunities.

This essay will give the information about the Job opportunities in the field of journalism apart from the normal multimedia job opportunities.

Professor Job

Teaching job is one of the best opportunities for the Journalism Professionals. Teacher’s job is best suitable for those who are getting bored by going for the job in the morning and returning in the evening.

One will get best salary, work experience and the Job satisfaction from the Teaching profession. You can make many Journalists. You will also get the time to research about your field. Those who had completed the Post graduate degree will also get the chance of working as an Assistant professor in the community colleges.

Book Editor

The Book editing job will be suitable for you if you have good grammatical knowledge and more attraction towards the books and if you also have interest in writing. There are lots of book publishing companies are present across the countries and there are thousands of books are getting published from those companies.

The book editor job involves in creation of the books to get published, by completely studying the books again and again and making necessary changes in that, also finding the errors and correcting the errors present in that books .Sometimes this job involves some work pressure. But this will be an Interesting Job.

Public relation officer

In order to go for the Public relation officer job, one should have the good communication skills, good convincing skills and they should also have the skill of satisfying the needs of the People.

The main role of this job is to maintain good relationship between the customers and the company.

The Main role of the Public relation officer  is to properly design the reputation of the company and to increase them.

Copy Writer position

The Copy writer position will be suitable for you if you have good creativity and if you have the skill of developing the advertisements in the radio and Television.

The copy writer role is to create the content for the electronic media or for the Print.


Anyone can take the photograph. But it is important that the photograph taken by them should look good and should be in the perfect condition. Photography is one of the best art. Learning through practical lessons, more experience and Training will help to create a best Photographer.

Your Picture should be totally different from the normal Picture. It is not necessary that the photographer should work only in any of the media. They can also work as a freelancer and they can make own studio for them.


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