Indian navy officers salary per month / Benefits details 2015

For Indian navy job aspirants here we are describing the benefits and it will also help you to know why you need to choose Navy.


The Salary of a Navy officer depends on the Job position and the Section in which the officer is working. The increase in the salary will depends on the experience and the Promotion in the Job.  See the salary scale for different position level, in the picture we picture we doesn’t included allowances, MSP and grade pay.

indian navy salary 2015

A Person will get pension if the Person works for a Particular period and Taking voluntary retirement.


  • Free Medical Service for the Officers and their Family
  • Restaurant, club and Sports facility will be available at low Price.
  • Guest house will be provided by the government at Wonderful places.
  • Pension will be given with all benefits
  • 60 days leave will be given in a year.
  • 20 days casual leave will be given
  • Leave encashment will be given up to 300 days.
  • Free ration card benefit will also be given


There are lot of benefits available other than above mentioned points which are like it will create good chance to visit lot of overseas countries which will let you know foreign country cultures, to enjoy their traditional foods and so on, Navy takes more responsibilities in maintaining the health of its employers so employers will get good medical support in navy. Even if you start career with zero experience navy creates opportunities to learn lot of things and gives leadership opportunities, still the list grow on watch all its benefits here. Indian government allots certain amount in budget every year for the maintenance army, navy and air force.

The Job Opportunities in the Indian Navy is not only a specialized one but also adventurous one. This is one of the respectful job and it also consists of many benefits. So what one can expect more from this? Are you ready to see the Blue Sea?

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