Importance of time management in semester exams

The Exam of Each Subjects will have High Mark Questions and Low Mark Questions. The Questions will be classified in to two types. So, the Students should give priority for the High Mark Questions, it will be benefit for them. Because when we first concentrate on Low Mark Questions, We will show all our Interest on that and we will spend more time on answering the low mark questions. It will not give that Much Benefit to us. The Time will also get wasted because of this.

So, at last we will not find time to write answers for the High mark questions, which give more value to us. So we will also be in the Situation of losing our marks.

The Question Section and the Question number should have to be mentioned without fail while writing the answers. When you fail to mention those details then you will become the loser.

You need not to wait for the Bell that will ring for every 30 minutes in the exam hall, Instead of that You can Use your Own Watch and with the help of that you can see the time and write the exam.

Before writing the exam, you should plan that you have to complete the particular question section within the specified time. You should also write the exam according to that.

You should not write the exam until the Last bell rings. You should complete 5 to 10 minutes before the time gets over and you should whether the question numbers, sections are mentioned properly. You should also check whether the lines are drawn properly between the answers.

Time management is a important factor in the exam hall which is very important equal to the study plans, also other important things don’t send too much time on single question or in the question which you are well prepared.

For all the question paper section determine particular time and try to complete it within the time, don’t forget take watch to hall. While time keeping also give concentration on good presentation, even if any paragraph contain mistakes makes it to look good and genuine. Questions with more sub headings will take more time don’t write all you read write as per the question type and marks.

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