IIT academic calender 2015 – 16 Holidays list / Bombay Madras delhi

The Indian Institute of technology or IIT group of colleges is the most prominent name not only in India but in the continent when it comes to technical education. The institutes are dream career destination of thousands of student across the nation. The admission in main IIT’s and its subsidiary colleges are done with accordance to JEE entrance examination. All the IIT’s announce their forecasted academic events separately in their website. In this post we are providing you steps which will guide you to the current semester / year calendar of different IIT’S. So if you are a student of any IIT or happen to know someone who studies in these educational boards, please go through this post and get the details of obtaining the IIT academic calendar 2015, also pass the news to your friends so they may also get benefited by this.

As already mentioned in the post, each board announces their events calendar separately in their website, for instance consider the next link which will guide you to the academic schedule of Bombay institute at iitb.ac.in. The documents contains list of examinations, midterm test, practical and end semester examination schedules enlisted in chronological order with latest occurring kept first.

The method of downloading the calendar is quite simple, open google.com in your browser, then select web search and enter the keyword “ IIT ( city name) academic calendar 2015, for example take IIT Kanpur, write “IIT Kanpur academic calendar 2015” and hit enter, click on the link which is encrypted with the institute’s official website.

IITM madras – click here

IITB Bombay – click here

IITD delhi – click here

IITG guwahati – click here

IITKGP kharagpur – click here

IITK Kanpur – click here

IITBHU – click here

click on the link and download  the calendar for easy reference, some boards are updating file annually and some or updating it for each session which is based on the institution. IIT holidays list for 2015-16 will be obtained by clicking same above link to know the leave days present in this year. Students of institution for which we don’t mentioned the link can get these files by searching it on the google. These will show the commencement of courses important events so all the students are looking for it.

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