how to quit a job gracefully – part 1

There are many reasons are there for a Person to change the Job. It  can be a Family Reason, Internal Problems in Office, Bored in doing the Job and new job Opportunities.

Whatever may be the reason Relieving from a job plays a Very Important role in each person life. So one should think deeply before making the decision.

If you are decided to resign from the job. You can follow the instructions given below which gives some idea what steps can be taken out before resigning the job.

Leave in a Good Manner

You can relieve from   the job because you do not like the job or you do not like the Administration of the Company .You should not Leak out this reason. If the Company asks you why you are leaving the Company you can tell some other reason.

You should not show your Frustration to the old Company by thinking that there is no relation will be there for you and Your Company in Future. When you are joining in a new Company if they want to investigate about your Old Company. At that Time you will be in a Problem. So always leave the Company in a Very good Manner.

Notice Period

After deciding when you are going to join in your New Company, you should inform this to the Old Company by giving Proper Notice .This method is followed in almost all the Companies.

The Time Taken for the Notice Period differs from Company to Company. In Some Places it will take 2 weeks, in some Places it will Take 2 Months. But in most of the Places 1 month Notice Period is carried out.

By giving the Proper notice Period you will get the benefits like Experience letter, relieving order and Full Salary settlement.Not only this  You Will also get a Respect from your New Company.

Explaining the Reason

In Most cases the reason for the relieving the job is informed directly to the Companies.It Depends on the Companies  whether the reason is informed directly to the Proprietor or it can be informed to the concerned Officer of the Company.

Do not Expose any negative reason Follow the Proper methods and Leave the company in a Smoother way.

Resignation Letter

You should be Very Careful in Writing the resignation letter. You Should not Write like take for Granted by thinking that we do not need any help from the Leaving Company in Future.

Write it in a Proper Way because your resignation letter will be Kept in the Record Maintenance.


Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter Plays a Major role in Most of the Companies. If you had a good relationship with your Old Company you can get a good recommendation. By Getting a Very Good Recommendation Letter from your Old Company you can get more benefits from your New Company.

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