how to leave a job on good terms – part 2

Thanks Giving

You can Say Thanks to your Old Company by giving the Opportunity to Work With them.You can also Mention this by Writing a Letter to them.You can Also mention them what are all the Good Opportunities you had got by Working With them.This will make your Old Company Happy.

Do not Hide Anything

While you are Leaving the Company You should be very careful in your Salary Settlement and other benefits. You Should also decide that whether you want to the Close the PF or you want to Change the PF to the Company Which you are Going to Join.

If you had given any Original documents to your old Company you  Should get back them.

Return Everything

While you are working in your old Company you may be given the  Lap top, Data Card, Pen drive and Cell Phone for Working .You Should return all the Things to them While you are relieving.

In Case if you had Handled any Financial related activities you should settle all the Financial related things with Proper documents .This is Will create a credibility on You.

In case if this happens…..

Sometimes When you are Informing that you are going to relieve from the Company you may get some Surprises from the Company i.e  you may get the Same Salary that you are going to get from the new Company or else you can also get some Higher salary.

At this Point of time you should Think Deeply Whether you can Continue Working With the Same Company or else you want to Leave the Company.

If they Forces…….

Sometimes in most of the Companies when any Employee leaves the Company the Company will ask that Employee to extend the notice Period and will ask them to Complete Some more Task. If you fee that this is ok With you , you can get the Permission from the Old Company and you can Finish the Task.


IF you feel that this is not ok With you , you can tell them in a Smoother Way.


Not able to do that …

In case if you are not able to give the Notice Period you can handle this Situation in some other Ways that you can Give training to the new joiner or else you can Work Over time to complete the Tasks.

After leaving the Job if the Company needs your Help you can communicate with them over the Phone or through Email or you can also visit your Old Company during holidays and give Training to the new joiner.


No Negative Speech….

Do not create any Negative impressions while you are Leaving the Company. The success of you depends on that the old Company Should think that we a losing a Great Person from our Company.

So do not create any Negative Impression While you are Leaving the old Company.

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