How to get education loan for study any degree in india and abroad

Even after receiving the high score in HSC exams, for more than a large number of students cash shows up as a huge issue to get higher education. To make the students study Medical, engineering and their interested course in the event that they don’t have enough cash to seek higher education, education loan program is designed.

Each student can attempt to get this for going to higher education. The students need to choose perceived college to request it. To pursue UG Degrees, master degrees, vocational education and other recognized courses education load is available. Not only in India, to study in abroad universities loans are given.

Some Banks are working in MOU with banks. When you are contemplating degree in such Banks, loan will be effectively given to you from the bank which is cooperating.

For Education at home nation loan will be presented up to Rs 10 lakh and up to Rs 20 lakh will be offered for abroad training credits. Students who need to get a credit from bank need to give certain reports along the application.

After Applications and archives are confirmed, the students and his family need to talk about specifically with the bank officer. The student’s father/guardians annual income, family assets ad details such as information about the course will be asked. If Students receive loan amount less than or equal to Rs 4 lakh, then minimum interest rate will be calculated. For Education loan over Rs 4 lakh along with the minimum interest payment one percentage of the amount will be collected. However, the calculation of the interest rate varies for different banks.


For the bank loan above 4 lakh signature from three persons are requested for the surety and it also relies on the bank, certificates/archives which are asked usually by the banks are passport size photo, birth and residence certificate, all educational certificates with attestation. However bank may ask different testaments likewise focused around their standards.

For abroad loans SBI, Syndicate Bank, Allahabad Bank, Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, Punjab National Bank and HDFC Bank are basically considered.

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