How to get MBA admission in our favorite business school


The person who wants to study MBA should know about what are all the skills and qualifications they should have within them. Then only we can get admission in our interested Business School.

Some of the advice related to this

Required qualifications

One should have completed Accredited Undergraduate degree from the accredited educational institution.

At the same time one should have got minimum 50% marks in the graduation in order to write the CAT and SNAP entrance exam. Work Experience is not mandatory but it would be an additional qualification.

At the same time the weight-age marks are given based on the students previous educational achievements, work experience and different educational backgrounds. Along with these qualifications one should have the interest of expressing the leadership and the management Skills.

Interest in gaining knowledge and the skill of manipulating and organizing the wider data’s are the best skills that the management students should have within them.  The eligible student will be selected by testing the communication skills and the Social Skills.

If you want to select the particular specialization in MBA, then you should have the specialized qualification related to that Field. If you select the particular specialization without having the interest and communication skills, that will not give you the long term benefit.

How much percent weight age was given to the Degree marks?

These weight-age marks will vary according to the educational institutions. Some educational institutes are providing up to 15% and some of the educational institutes are providing up to 50%.

Some of the educational institutes are not providing any separate weight -age marks for this. But they are measuring some other criteria. That is the person who wants to join in there educational institutes should have scored a minimum of 55% or 60% marks in there Graduation.

That’s marks will increase the chances of getting selected in the interviews. Many educational institutes are providing 30% to 50% weight-age marks to the CAT score.

Preparing for the Personal Interview

4 Types of questions are asked in the Personal Interview

  • Details about your Personal Information.
  • Your educational background
  • Your Work experience
  • General questions (from current events to general knowledge)

Some of the unexpected questions will be also asked to you. Before going to the Interview, It is important to revise the information’s which you have studied in your graduation.

It is important to know about the additional information’s related to your selected field. You may be asked more questions on this. It is mandatory to know some important and necessary details about your current and the previous company.

The questions will be asked about your designation and the nature of work in that Company. Your answers about these questions will be given more importance.

Give clear answers while replying to these questions. Once the question is asked, take some seconds of time, clearly understand the questions and give the Clear answer.

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