Free Internet service for the Indian Villages – Mark Zuckerberg

Mark zuckerberg; one of the Co founders of the Social networking site Face book had decided to provide free internet service to the Indian Villages.

The Mark zuckerberg had came to India and met Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi and some of the Important Indian officers and made a discussion about providing the free Internet Service. It was expected that the official announcement about this will be released soon.

An American named Mark zuckerberg, who was aged about 30, had started a free social networking site named as face book. He was the 2nd largest billionaire in America. The Microsoft Company chairman Bill gates was the Worlds Richest Person. India was one of the growing countries in the Field of information and Technology. But in India, the opportunities and the facilities of Information Technologies had not Properly reached the Indian Villages. The Internet facilities were still a dream for the Village People.

Eventhough the Internet facilities are there in the villages, they are not up to the mark when compared to the cities.  The Face book had offered to provide the Free Internet service to the Indian Villages. The India consists of largest face book users. It was in the 2nd place in the World. Mark had decided to bring India to the 1st place. Now, America was in the 1st place in the list of face book users.

In Relation to this Mark Zuckerberg had told that: In the Growing countries like India, Only 25% of the Women are using the internet Services when compared to the Men. Most of them do not know about these services. Even though they know about these services they are having a question that why they should use these services. It was not told by me a Survey was conducted in India, 69% of people who had participated in this survey had informed that they will not know how far these services will be useful for them.

In America, the Emergency Dialing service 911 can also be used by the People who do not have the Phone connection. The Same Situation should also be implemented in India. We had decided to provide the free internet service to the Village to use the Emergency dialing service 100 through the Internet. So for this we are in the discussion with the Telephone service providers in India.

Totally 30 lakh people around the World had already got this facility under this plan. The Internet should be improved in the local languages. The face book had given a great motivation in developing the Application called Mobile app in the local languages. We had assigned around 600 crores for this project.

Toilet without water

The mark had replied to the question that whether Internet is needed in the countries where there is no food .He had told that: There is no use of the toilet without water. The same Situation also happens to the Internet. The situation had changed that the World cannot function without the Internet.

In the Most backward countries like Jambia and Africa, we had given a free advice on the internet about, how a pregnant lady can save herself and her child. We had also conducted an Awareness activity against the HIV, in that country.

Visit of the Leaders of the largest companies….

Since India consists of lot of opportunities in the growth of the information Technology, the Chairman’s of World largest information technology companies are frequently visiting the India. The chairman of Microsoft corporation bill gates, CEO of Microsoft Corporation Nathella, The chairman of Amazon Jeff bezos had already visited Indian and met Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi. In this Situation the one of the co founders of face book mark Zuckerberg had also visited India and met Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Friday evening.

Prime Minister Modi was expert in using the Internet, Social Media Sites, Mobile Phone and information Technology services. During the Lok sabha election , he had largely used twitter and face book to promote them.

Excellent Project from Mark….

The face book co founder mark Zuckerberg who had come to New Delhi had clearly explained about his project. Some of the Important Features of the project are mentioned below.

*Totally 270 crore people around the world had got the Internet facility. In addition to this, the Internet facility should be given to additional 450 crore people. The present infrastructure and the increase in the expense are the greater barrier for this.

*Across the world, around 250 crore people are getting the salary of Rs.120 per day. The Internet is the dream for them. So In order to develop the Infrastructure we had decided to operate the Solar operated aero planes.

*India consists of many talented Engineers and Experts. We had decided to use there skills.

*India had developed many Technology revolutions. For example, Green revolution, Information Technology revolution, research in the mars. All these are considered to be the remarkable growth in India.

*200 crore sms messages were sent per day. We are in the discussion with the service providers to reduce the cost involved in this. When we got succeed in this discussion, then 10 thousand crore sms will be sent per day.


10.89 Crore people will have the Internet facility..

There was a rapid growth of Internet service in India. In 2013 only 7.78 Crore people had got the Internet facility but this has been increased to very large number. At this Year End , it has been believed that the users of the internet Service  will be increased to 10.89 Crore.

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