First challenge for the Students who had studied in the trimester method: whether the pass ratio will reduce?

In Tamilnadu, the students who had studied in the trimester method from last educational year, are facing the 10th Standard public exam for the first time this year.

The Teachers had informed that the students are taking the exam for all the subjects in a single time and there is also a difficulty in preparing the students for the exam. So, because of this there is a chance of reduction in the pass rate.

The trimester educational method and the continuous assessment method for the students studying from 1st standard to 8th standard students were implemented in the last educational year 2012-2013.This was expanded up to 9th standard in the year 2013- 14.

According to the Trimester educational method, based on one season for every four months, the subjects are divided in to three sections. One for first season, next for second season and the last for third season and the classes are taken according to this and the exams are conducted. When the one season exam was completed, the books which they had used for studying will not be useful after that season.  The students are forgetting those subjects. They are concentrating on the subjects for the next season.

In this situation, they have to write the 10th standard public exam and they have to write the complete subjects which they had studied for the complete whole year. Because of this they are finding some difficulty in studying the complete subjects. Those who had written the exam for 60 marks in the trimester method will also find some difficulty in writing the exam for 100 marks. Also, the subjects are taken in the fast manner in order to complete all the subjects before December.

The government school teacher bagath singh had informed that “There was a difficulty arises in preparing the students for the public exam who had studied under the trimester and all pass method till 9th standard. It will be difficult for the students to remember all the subjects who had studied under the trimester method.

On considering the well being of the Students and the situation of the teachers, the subjects should be prepared in the form that the 9th standard method should also be followed in the 10th standard. Or else, the 10th standard exam method can be followed since from the 9th standard”.

Method for rating the marks.

The Chief education officer of Kovai District, gyana gowri had informed that “We are thinking that the Students who are coming to the 10th standard are eligible to study more subjects according to there age. How ever, this half yearly exam results will be compared with the last year half yearly exam results and an arrangement is made to review these results.


Chance of Increase in the number of Discontinuing

The Students are easily clearing the exams till 9th standard by studying under the all pass method and they are getting promoted to the next class.  In the 10th standard they are forced to all the subjects at the same time, it will be difficult for the average students. So, because of this many students are avoiding to coming to the schools.

So, Because of this there is a chance of increase in the number of discontinuing. So, the educational officers should focus on this and they should make a research on the discontinuing and they should take necessary action to avoid this.

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