Fake Companies in the Campus Interviews – An Alert for the Students

Many of the Fake Companies are taking part in the Pondicherry Campus Interviews, so because these companies the future of the students studying in the Private engineering colleges had become a question mark.

There are 2 government Engineering colleges and 17 private engineering colleges are present in Pondicherry. Every year More than 7 thousand engineering students are coming out of these colleges. So, there are lot of skilled engineers are available in the market.

The Pondicherry had become the best place for the Higher education, so because of this the attention of   many software companies was turned towards the Pondicherry. Many of the Companies are conducting the Campus interview in the colleges during the third year and they are giving the Offer letter to the students and they are booking the Students in advance.

A Truth has been revealed that some of the Fake Companies are taking part in these Campus Interviews and they are playing with the Future of the Students.

Some Months back a Bangalore based company named as K.B had conducted campus interview in one of the Engineering Colleges present in Pondicherry and Selected 30 students for there Company. The Company had also given the offer letter to those Students and along with that they had made some instructions stating that the Students Should pay Rs.30 thousand as deposit and also the Students should not the leave the company with in one year.

The Students who had got the job in this agreement had signed in all the agreement copies issued by that Company. After the Students had gone to Bangalore and they had worked there for three Months. The Salary was not paid to the Students and when the Students asked for explanation, the company had said that “get back your deposit amount” and for that amount the company had given cheque to all the People.

Suddenly the company was closed and when the People who had got the cheque from the Company had deposited there cheque in there account but the cheque had got bounced. When they had contacted the Company contact number the contact number has been disconnected.

Same like this Many Fake companies had cheated more than 300 Students in the Pondicherry and the companies had cheated up to Rs.1 Crore from the Students. The Cheating amount may cross up to Rs.1 Crore.The Affected Students had contacted the Colleges for Help but they didn’t got any help from the Colleges.

The Affected Students are roaming with the bounced cheque and they do not know where to complain about this issue. Many of the Private engineering colleges are publishing that they will provide 100% placement and they are playing with the Life of the Students. They are not investigating anything about the Companies that are coming to conduct campus interviews in there colleges. They are allowing some of the fake companies to conduct campus interviews in there colleges. So, because of this many of the Students are Paying deposit and getting in Trouble and also they are wasting time in working in those Fake companies.

The Higher Education department should take necessary action on this issue; they should check the details about the companies that are coming for the Campus interview.They should check whether these companies are Genuine. In order to avoid the cheating that are taking place,  all the campus interviews that was conducted in the Government and the Private Colleges are need to be conducted in a Single Place.

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