The 10+2+3 Education method is going to be changed Soon?

The Central Government decide to make Change in the 10+2+3 education method. In relation to this, one of the RSS group PSM had submitted a new proposal to the Central Government.

For the Students studying in the 6-8 classes of Kendriya Vidyala Schools, the third language German was removed and the Sanskrit was made compulsory. The Government had planned to join the education present in the state government list in to the Central government list. This was carried out to implement the integrated education system across the Country.

In Accordance to this, the draft plan for the new education system is going to be release in the Bharatya Shiksha Mandal P.S.M Conference .This Conference will be conducted in 17th and 18th of this month in the Rajasthan University present in Jaipur.

Accordingly, the present 10+2+3 education method will be changed and new  8+4+3 education method will be implemented. A brief discussion will be conducted on that Conference.

Meeting with Smrithi

Many of the People like Prime Minister Modi, BJP Senior Leader Advani, Senior minister Vengaiya Naidu and BJP National Leader Amit Shah were joined in to the BJP from the R.S.S Group. The R.S.S was acting as the higher group who was controlling the BJP.

The Central Government was taking several steps to make changes in the Indian education method. In Relation to this, the R.S.S Leaders had met the Central Human resource development minister Smriti Rani on 30th of October.

It was informed that the Government was acting on the method of changing the educational method based on the advice from the R.S.S Leaders Suresh Soni, Dattareya Hosapale who had met the Minister Smriti.

What R.S.S was telling?

  • The Mekkaley education method should be removed. This method creates only the writers. The education method should be in the way that it should contain the basic ideas which will be helpful for Country’s benefit and also the growth of Country’s Financial Situation.
  • The new education method need to be followed, it should contain traditional education method along with the latest technologies.

Who has the Control?

The R.S.S who had decided to change the education system had given the Work of Project Designing to the best educationalist of that group, Mr.Dinanath Badra. The education method formed by him from his research was implemented in Gujarat and it was running successfully.

Important Aspects of new education method

  • The Current 10+2+3 education method was in effect by the recommendation of 1968 Kothari Commission. This method will be changed soon.
  • First eight years of education of the students will be divided in to separate division, after that four years will be divided in to separate division and finally three years will be divided in to separate division.
  • First eight years of education will be based on the basic education, in this there mother tongue will be there First Language, the English and Hindi will be there additional Subjects.
  • The first eight Years of education will consists of the Subjects like Maths, Social Science, General Science, Physical education, Job, Cleanliness, traditional education and Social Service.
  • The Students who were completing the First eight years of education can discontinue the Studies and they can go for doing business or they can Study the Technical Course if they like.
  • After that if they like they can continue the Four Years of Education.

College Level Education

  • It is not mandatory to Study the Four years of education and the College level education at the same time. If they like they can discontinue the first year of education and the certificate will be issued for that. Another certificate will be issued once they complete the second year education that is the diploma certificate. Third year certificate is degree certificate, Fourth Year certificate is Honors degree Certificate.
  • So from this the education will be business Oriented and it will be helpful in growth of the Country.
  • No entrance exam will be conducted to join in any of the course. This is one of the important aspects in the education plan drafted by the P.S.M. Apart from Marks, More Concentration will be given to Finance and other qualifications.
  • All the courses will definitely have the Practical Training.

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