Education loan in tamilnadu for 2015-16 admission

The Applicants will easily get the Educational Loan if they Produce the Proper Documents: Assistant General Manager State Bank

Mr. Virudhachalam, the Assistant General Manager of State bank of India, Madurai had informed that the “When the Applicants are having the proper documents they can easily get the Loans from the banks for there higher Education”.

During addressing a guidance Programme he had given Speech on the educational Loan “The Strength of the country was decided by the education. The educational loans are given to the Students to help the students to achieve there educational dreams.

26 public Sector banks are providing the educational loans. The Students can avail loan for all UG and PG courses. The College in which the student is going to Study should have the proper accreditation. The Loan amount ranging from 2 lakh to 4 lakh rupees was given for studying the engineering courses.

Maximum of 10 lakh rupees was given for studying in India and Maximum of 30 lakh rupees was given to the students for studying in Abroad.  No guarantee from the Parents Is needed for the loan amount of up to 4 lakh rupees. The Applicant should pay 5 Percent Advance amount if they get loan amount up to 8 lakh rupees under the Special scheme.

The Applicant Should Pay 15 Percent Advance amount if they get loan for studying in abroad. They should repay the Amount with in one year of completing the course. The Interest rate will be changed according to the banks. Half Percent discount in the Interest rate will be given to the women students. They should repay the loan amount within 10 years. If the applicants are having the necessary documents they can easily get the loan from the banks.

Maximum percentage of education loans in tamilnadu are received for engineering courses, After joining interested course visit bank which is allocated for educational loan in your area or any bank with bonafide certificate obtained from college and get the instruction from bank manager about how to get it and submit all the documents in prescribed manner as quickly as possible for getting educational loan for 2015 admission students.

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