Dr.Radhakrishnan of ISRO among 10 best scientists around the World

The Indian scientist Radhakrishan had got the place among the 10 best scientists around the world for the year 2014.

The London based scientific Magazine Nature, will release the list of 10 best scientists around the world every year. In this list the ISRO Scientist Radhakrishnan had got the first place. This is the first time an Indian had got selected.

Radhakrishnan was born in kerala and completed the Electrical and electronic engineering. He had got MBA in Bangalore and got the Ph.d in IIT Karagpur.  He had joined in the ISRO in the year 1973.

He had grown step by step and he had become the chairman of the ISRO in the October 31st of 2009. During his period only the Chandrayan satellite was sent to the moon and they had found that water was present in the Moon. This attracted all the people around the world towards India.

He had also added Popularity to India by sending the Mangalyaan satellite to the Mars. India was the first country among the Asian countries that had sent the Mangalyaan satellite to the Mars.

Not only this, during his period, they had developed the working of the cryogenic technology which is used to send the rocket got from the Russia. This was achieved by making small changes in it. Also the Mark3- Rocket technology which is used to send the Satellite without the human was implemented during the period of Radhakrishnan.

He was one of the Role model of the Youngsters. He was also inviting most of the Youngsters to get involved in the Science field. He was mentioning that there is no partially between men and women in the field of science. By giving recognition to his words, 20 percent of female scientists are working in the ISRO.

He had done many direct and indirect help to the ISRO. He was going to get retired from the Chairman position in the 31st of this month.

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