Download India Railway budget 2015-16 pdf Highlights / pink book

Railway budget for the academic year 2015-16 has been submitted by the minister suresh prabhu in lokshaba at nearly 12.16 p.m, Important aspect of the budget there is no raise in the passenger fares. Railway is one of the biggest and important department of our country so the budget announcement of it is keenly watched by the public, Lot of peoples are searching online to download the whole Indian railway budget 2015 -16 as pdf, so we here given the appropriate links for downloading it.

Minister said that budget mainly aims to maintain purity and reduce poverty, also it will be confirmed that department is running profitably, as the investment for the department is going to be increased which results in more job opportunities.

Additional care will be taken for increasing the speed of trains, for the routes which have more rushes additional routes will be introduced. All the actions will be made to make the trains arrive in correct times.


Budget is aimed for 2030 year so for the places which don’t have train routes more priority will be given for creating connectivity and at the same manner service will be given to completely fulfill every passengers.

First target of the budget is passenger safety and the second target of the budget is making the railway more modernize.

Ministry has also going to concentrate in the purity so for inspecting this separate department is going to be installed, they also contracting with private bodies for improving it. Also 17,000 normal toilets will be upgraded to Bio toilets.

Travelling charge is not increased and the ministry seeks the help of each state government to develop this big public sector company in various levels.

Next five year Aim:

More changes will be implemented in the railway department for the welfare of public and following things are aimed.

  • Upgrading the passenger service.
  • Modernizing the equipments of railway
  • Extending the rail routes
  • Increasing the safety measures of passengers

Railway plays an important role in the national economy, so investing on the department will increase the overall economy of the country. Due to insufficient fund lot of projects were stalled in the department.

How to download the Whole budget?

Board has arranged a separate portal for getting Budget highlights, pdf file booklet, pink book and budget photograph by visiting the following link you can get all things.

Steps for doing the process is first get in to the link and select “railway budget 2015” now options will be drop downed for downloading as pdf, pink book, highlights and so on. Choose the required link for getting it.

Download the 2015-16 budget presented by railway minister suresh prabhu.

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