Do’s and Dont’s for Tamilnadu 10th 12th Public Exam students


The Mind, body, Soul and the Heart all these should coincide and should come in the Straight Line during the Exam. It is good when you have more Peace.

Listening to the Good Music, Drinking more water, watching the Fish Tank and playing With the Pets are the best Methods.

Learning Method

You should take Small Breaks during Studying. You can Study for up to 40 to 45 Minutes. The Posture is very Important While Sitting during Studying. You Should Straight and the Light Should be in the left side. You should completely avoid studying by lying down on the floor, studying in the bedroom and studying by watching the TV.

You should not Study by hearing the Music, you should not study by keeping pillow in the Lap. The Mind will get Sleep When you see the Pillow. So, the Studying Environment and the sitting position are very important during the studying. The Blood Circulation will be very perfect only when the head is in the Straight position. You can also refresh yourself by washing your face and also by a small walk.


You should test your memory by revising the Subjects which you had studied. It is Important that studying by full concentration, keeping all the studied subjects in the memory, expressing the studied subjects very neatly in the exam.

Minimum Six Hours Sleep is very important. Water and the Oxygen are very important for the Proper Functioning of the Brain. Taking the Breathing Training will give more benefit.

The Exam Schedule should have to be pasted in the Studying room, so that you will not get confused in the exam schedule. You can also follow that schedule properly by seeing that.

It is better to reach the exam hall half an hour before. Keeping the Mind calm before the exam, doing the breathing training and also having Trust in the God are very good for you.

Exam Regulations

The exam board had fixed some of the rules and regulations for the Students during the exam. The Students should understand all these regulations.  The Students should come in the Uniform for all the exams.

The Students should carry the Hall Ticket, Two Fountain or Gel Pen- Blue Ink, Long Scale, Two Pencils, Sharpener, INK eraser. The Students should not carry the mobile Phone. They should avoid wearing the Costly Watches and also wearing the ornaments.

Don’t Dos in the Exam Hall: The Students Should not Look Back or Side, they shouldn’t ask anything from their Friends, students shouldn’t show anything to their Friends, They should sit in the place where their register number is written. They should not involve in discussing with others, by arguing with others.

It is Important to Write clearly in the First Page of the Answer Sheet. They should not write the name in any place in the Answer Sheet. They should not write anything in the Question Paper. If the Student write anything in the Question Paper, that student will be banned to write the exam for Five Years.

How to Read?

Some People will have the Habit of Reading in the Night. Some will have the habit of reading for the full night. Some will have the habit of reading in the Morning. Some will read louder. Some will repeat reading and they will memorize the Subjects. Studying for Full Night will cause some side effects like Stomach Pain and they will get vomiting sense. Some will get the effect of Constipation. So it is necessary to drink more water.

The cells in your body will get energized by doing small exercise in the Morning.

You should properly use the gap that was given between the two exams. You should not waste that time otherwise you will get the Stress. The Sudden Current Cut may happen, so you should keep the emergency light or candle always ready.


You should not waste time by telling that you are doing the Group Study with your Friends, you should not waste time by doing unwanted conversation with your Friends.

You should avoid watching TV Programmes or Cricket during the Exam. You should sacrifice all these things.  Some of your Sacrifices will give more benefit to you.

The Parents and the Family members should not disturb the students by watching TV.

Important Tips

You should first write the answers which you know well. You can write the Unknown or hard answers later.

You Should the Correct Question number in the Margin of the Answer Sheet. You should very clearly so that it should not make any confusion for the Teachers who are correcting the Papers.

You should not discuss about the completed exams with your Friends or relatives, you should not keep on thinking about that, this will make you very weak. You should think and plan for the next exam.

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