Do Not Select the Field which you don’t Like

The Youngsters are having high level of passion while proposing the love. This level of passion was not present in them while selecting there Field. We are having the thought in our Mind that when the person staying in the house beside us, had studied engineering and working in the Software, we should also follow him.

No, We Should find the Scope related to the Particular Course and we should Study that Course. If it gives pain to us, that will not be a Problem.

We are giving more Importance to love, but we are not giving importance to Life. Why this is happening?

One Full generation was disoriented by living the Life by accepting whatever they are getting. In Today’s environment Most of them do not like Working in the Software companies. Because of this most of them are getting addicted to the bad habits in the Younger age. They are getting the diseases at the age of 30 itself.

One of the young men was exception from this Group. He is having more love towards the Geography.

His Father had forced him to Study the engineering course and ask him to go for the Computer Job. He had rejected the advice from his father and he studied Geography. He was attracted more towards that subject when he keeps on learning that. He had released many articles online related to that subject. He shared his love towards the subject with his online friends.

At the Age of 23 he had got the Job in the Foreign Channel Which was focusing on Geography. His Salary per annum was 1 Crore. Apart from this, he had got the Job which he likes most. He was returning to the home with full happiness after the completion of the Work.

The Software engineers will weep once the weekend gets over and again the Monday is coming. But that Young man was looking forward for the Monday to come soon. How a Person waiting for the lover to come, He was  waiting to work.

One of the Little Camel asked the mother camel that “Why our Legs are so long” .The Mother Camel replied that “Our Legs should not get stucked in to the desert, while we are walking, that why our legs are So Long”.

The Little camel again asked the Mother Camel that “Why we are having a large structure present in our Shoulders”.

The Mother Camel Had Replied that “That is Used to Store the water, because most of the times we will not get the water in the desert”. The Mother camel was not able to answer the last question asked by the Little camel.

The Little Camel asked that “We are created to live in the Desert, then what we are doing in this Zoo”.

IF you do not have the Interest in your Selected Field, then you will also get arrested like those camels.  You will get the Food every time, but you will not have the Satisfaction in your Life.

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