Do not borrow the Interest while choosing career

True Strength

The Family situation was one of the great barriers for most of the Youngsters. Most of the Youngsters are telling that they are not able to come up in life because there parents are illiterate. Our Country has the Situation of not giving the same opportunity for all.

The Rich People can spend money for the special training. They can give donation for Joining in the Technical Course. If you get stucked by seeing that, you may not be able to use the opportunities that are coming towards you.

You should overcome the uncomfortable situation with more confidence. That is the True Strength. When you always keep on carrying the jealousy with in you it will not only affect your mind, it will also affect your health. You should always keep your heart filled with happiness.

Way for Changing

All the persons in this world had come across the ridiculous and hard words. You should not think that the humiliation was following only you. The officials who are in the higher position in every office had came across many barriers and after passing all that only they would have reached that position.

When you ask them, each one will have some Story within them. Today they may have the bright face, but all there bright faces will have the marks and they will have some burden in there heart.

Today your family Situation can be poor and it can be under the Status, but a way is there to change this situation that is education.


Do not think that you are parents are good only when they had got admission for you in engineering or doctor in the colleges that has well infrastructure.

What ever may be the course, if you Study with Full Interest that will give you a bright future for you.There is a Proverb is there in Tamil stating that “ Agala uluvathilum ala uluvathu nallathu”.In Which field you are having the Interest? Science, Math’s, literature or economics. If you Study the basic course in your Interesting subject .Then after that Your Interest will help to reach your Goals.

You should not get Stucked by seeing the Stylish offices, Busy Cities, Stylish English and Empty luxuries. All these criteria’s will not stop the Youngster who is having the real Interest.

Confidence Seed

The Confidence Should be invested in you like a Seed. The Seed will not grow immediately. They will not blame the Persons who are walking over them. They will not worry for the rain that will not come.  They will not look for the fertilizer to be put in them. They will wait only for there situation to come towards them.

They are protecting there life. They are deeply getting in to the soil by the persons who are walking over them. If the rain season comes later, then at that time also they are living with the help of that water. They are growing step by step. It was growing in to a tree without any one help. After some time, it has become the shelter for the birds and also as the place for the human beings to take rest under them.

New Way

You should know about your Interest. You should not borrow your Interest from other Person. By Birth, Each person will have there own talent within them. The other person will not able to realize that.

Sambath had the Interest in Math’s within him. He had never left his hope until the Proper situation came to him. No one knows that he had that Interest with in him. He had not got Stucked by the Situations. The announcement made by the government had become the turning point for him. He had walked with Confidence. He had found the New Path.

Live with Full confidence. Do not get Stucked with the Situations. You should always keep your Interest alive. The Turning point can come at any time.

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